Monday, August 31, 2009

Yet Another Diamond Post

I've been stuck at home most of the time lately... Always in my PJs, no makeup, and messy hair... .haha.... So sorry for being so detached from the beauty world.....

Diamond loves to play with this black/white string... My mom actually got this string for free (it was used to tie some veggies together in Asian supermarket... XD). Simple lesson learned: Happiness can be free!

I bought those catnip-filled rat toys for Diamond before. She showed absolutely no interest. I bought some colorful stringy toys w/ bells from Petco, and Diamond is actually scared of it sometimes. But she never get tired of this free string. And she becomes a little ferocious tiger. Speaking of which, I've got bitten many times already when Diamond is in a bad mood. She never did that before I adopted her!!?!?! Getting a bit more confident (beast-like) now??

Anyways... I like to play with Diamond's fur since she's a domestic long hair. Her black spots can change size depend on which way you brush the hair. hehe.....

Normally, the black spot on her foot looks like this......

But when you brush the hair against the grain, her black spot becomes longer like this....

And lastly, I'll leave you a pic of Diamond stacking up her little paws.....

The End (that was such a boring post.... XD)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Product Review: L'oreal Extra Volume Collagene Mascara

I'm reviewing the Loreal Extra Volume Collagene Mascara - non-water-proof formula and in the color of Black Brown.

Price: $7-8 retail. I got two of these for ~6.50
Consistency: Relatively thick
Lasting power: decent. Doesn't smudge on me, although definitely not waterproof
Positive: one coat creates a very natural yet voluminous effect; easily buildable
Negative: the wand is similar in size w/ CG Lash Blast, thus not ideal for inner corner or lower lash application; and big wand might also be an issue for girls w/ smaller hands.
Overall: 4 out of 5 stars
Will I repurchase? Probably.

The packaging is quite similar to CG Lash Blast and Maybelline Colossal. Very sleek and ergonomically comfortable (well... to me anyways)

The wand has the more traditional bristles instead of the rubber pricks on CG Lash Blast and Maybelline Colossal. As you can see here, Black Brown really is just a brown color. It's a bit more natural, but may not achieve the more dramatic effect.

Here are some before/after pix....
My natural lash w/o any product on.

1-2 Coats of Extra Volume Collagene Mascara

2-3 Coats of Extra Volume Collagene Mascara

I know a lot of you have tried this mascara and weren't too fond of it. But I have to say, based on the two Loreal mascaras I've tried so far (voluminous and extra volume collagene), I'm pretty impressed, although both mascaras do take some time to work with.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Vanessa Hudgens Inspired Look

So somebody requested me to do this look that Vanessa Hudgens was wearing at the Teen Choice Award this year.

I'm so jealous at her flawless and glowy skin..... Speaking of which, I've been staying home all day these days and I don't need to put on any makeup. My skin seems to be a little healthier and smooth these days, though I still have little breakouts and little bumps. Anyways... I tried my best to replicate this look with very few eyeshadows that I did bring with me. So here is my shot at it....

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weird Dream

I dreamt the other day that Diamond got pregnant, and gave birth to 12 kittens. There were white ones, orange tabby ones, and black ones. I was afraid that it's too cold, and they'll freeze to death. So I carried them to Diamond. Then I just woke up.

Btw, Diamond is spayed probably when she was 5 or 6 months old. I kinda feel bad that the dream would never come true. But again, there are so many kittens and cats that need a home. So no biggy.

Diamond has been sleeping in my bed since we moved here. Unfortunately, I only have a twin size bed. It can be quite crowded for both of us (Diamond like to lay all stretched out when she sleeps). Every night, Diamond tries to hack up the hairball, so I have to jump out of my bed immediately, and take her to the litter box to avoid the possibility of puking on my bed or on the carpet. Then it always turns to a unproductive cough. Sometimes, I wake up because I accidentally kick her and feel horribly sorry. Finally, around 7am everyday, Diamond gets hungry, and would purr like a little machine and knead all over me.

I'm getting a bit more used to living alone and sleeping with Diamond nowadays. I hope it will get better everyday. =)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mini Sale

I'm selling a brand new NARS lipgloss in Striptease. New w/o box. Never opened. Never swatched. It's a very nice nude color. Here is a color swatch from the NARS website.

The actual product....

On the bottom...

I will be selling it at $15 + shipping is $2 (US & Canada). I accept Paypal payment only.
If you are interested in buying, please leave a comment and include your paypal account email. And I'll send you an invoice asap. Thank you. =)

A Littel Guilty Haulage

I have a confession to make..... I shopped again...... Actually, I returned something and bought 2 cosmetics product w/ the store credit.... Does it still count? But I simply couldn't pass these two babies......

Nars Blush in Deep Throat

And Nars lipgloss in Striptease

To make buying these products even more legitimate is that I found them at TJ Maxx. You never find NARS product at TJ Maxx. Even if there is, it would be like bath gel or something. I swear that these two are the only makeup products I purchased since I entered the Project 10 Pan. Together they were $30.

Next, Ross was having Shoes Week last week. There were a lot of cute shoes. I initially bought three pairs, and came home to find that two pairs weren’t the greatest fit. So I went to return the shoes at another Ross.

Then I saw this pair of Steve Madden grey faux leather pump that I wanted really bad. I actually had tried them on three times before at two different stores. They were around $50 at those stores. Since I probably won’t have that many opportunities to wear them, I just set them down. Guess what? I saw them again at Ross, only for $15.99!!!?!?! What?!?!?!? But it was ok, I was hunting for more practical shoes. Out of five or six pairs of cute shoes, I had narrowed down to only two pairs. I really behaved myself, aren’t you guys proud of me? Haha….

This was the first pair that I bought. Had been wearing them ever since the day I got these….. Very comfy. The “leather” looks a bit fake though….. $14.99

I also got this pair of Nine West flats. My first impression was that the “leather” was a little stiff, but these are actually quite comfortable. I like Nine West shoes =) $14.99

And finally got a pair of black/grey flats. Initially, I wasn’t too impressed by the patchy design. However, I can’t deny that these are super comfortable and extremely wearable. I also like how the shoe embraces my fat feet very well. XD $11.99

And last, not least, I’ll leave you a picture of my little hero/warrior- Diamond. I’m so surprised that the little shy Diamond can be so brave in front of the bad kitty. These days, whenever I’m cooking in the kitchen, Diamond would walk out of my room and go straight to confront that kitty. Sometimes, she’s so close to the kitty that I’m afraid she might get hurt. She would choose a perfect spot and just sit right in front of the kitty. Other times, when the bad kitty wants to sneak into my room, Diamond would jump down from my bed and sit right in the middle of my door frame. She would guard my room until the bad kitty runs away. Isn’t she adorable?!?!?! Everyone in my family is very passive, and my mom was saying that Diamond is definitely our little role model. =)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

ELF Mineral Line 2 Day Sale

I only have one ELF eyeshadow from the mineral line, and it's called Wild. It's a true deep brown color with some golden shimmer. Very pigmented and the shimmer don't really show up and don't travel all over my face. So I have to say I'm impressed by the quality.

I almost started browsing and adding stuff to my cart. Then I was like "Wait a minute...... What am I doing???!?!?" haha...... So I shall pass on this good deal to you guys.

e.l.f. e.l.f. e.l.f.
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Friday, August 14, 2009

I miss home.........

Since school is starting soon, Diamond and I moved out of my parents' house this past weekend . It's very exhausting and nerve-wrecking, esp when my housemate and her cat are not the most friendly creatures on Earth. My housemate is a neat freak and everything has to be done in her way. She literally instructs me on every little detail in the house. Every single conversation revolves around something I had done "wrong" and needed to be "corrected". And because her cat hisses at Diamond, I can't even let Diamond go into the living room. Home was supposed to be a safe haven, but it's been so stressful dealing with the situation. I feel like I'm a prisoner in my own apartment, considering I've paid the same amount of rent as my her. 3 days down, 362 more days to go...... Fight on!!!!

My parents had to help me to move all my stuff, and just left today. They have been so supportive, tolerating, and providing me love so unconditionally. I have never really lived on my own before....... so I miss them already.....

On a brighter note, I am extremely proud of and impressed by Diamond. She's really shy and very submissive most of the time. However, after we moved in and after my housemate's cat hissed at her, she didn't fear at all and hissed back. I didn't want Diamond to stress (like me), so I always try to keep her away from the bad kitty. Diamond has been eating and using her litter box just like before. However, the same thing cannot be said for the bad kitty because she would hide on top of the kitchen cabinet the entire day. So one time, while I was making myself some lunch, Diamond sneaked out. She rubbed her head against the furnitures (marking her scent), drank out of the bad kitty's water bowl, played w/ the bad kitty's toys, walked around examining the living room, and then gracefully went back to my bedroom. And the bad kitty? She was just staring from the top of the cabinet the entire time. HAH!!!! Seems like Diamond has already won the battle. O btw, the bad kitty hisses at my housemate too. XD

Few days ago, I was clearing up the pictures in my cellphone. I've accumulated a lot of random pictures over the year. Here are some.....

Took this pic at New York & Co, while I still had straight bangs. I was waiting outside for my mom to try on some cloths.

Took this pictures when I was in a Banana Republic store in NYC. I love this blazer, but I'm usually not very good with white cloths. And I couldn't find my size in other colors. It was around $50-60. Kinda expensive for one piece of clothing that I'll probably ruin fairlly quickly. So I didn't buy it. Now to thnk about it, I might have missed a really good deal.

I was having fun in a June store (accessory, cloths, & shoes store). Love that huge purple flower hair clip, but a bit too dramatic for daily use.

I took this picture during work. hehe..... It looks like I'm forcing the kitty. But believe me, no animal was hurt during the process. If anything, I was hurt. Right after I took the picture, the kitty climbed up my neck w/ her little sharp nails sinking into my skin.

A fellow youtuber asked me why I needed to straighten my hair permanently. Obviously, I never fit into the Asian stereotype, and I have very thick, rough, and frizzy hair. It roughly looks like this right after shower. My hair has no shine whatsoever..... The over exposure effect actually already cut down a lot of the volume. Permanent straightening is definitely God-sent invention for me.

Took this picture at Mall of America, Minnesota. They have a miniature amusement park there, and I spotted this super cute Patrick hat. I still watch Spongebob Squarepants sometimes...

Few years ago, I attached a stuffed turtle w/ a small hair clip. I think I was sick or I wasn't feeling well at the time. So I was just sitting in my bed, playing w/ this hair clip. It would be so interesting to put my turtles next to this one. hehe.....

And finallly, I'll leave you a ultimate sweet bomb---the kitty roll!!!!! Isn't she adorable???? You have to hear the background story. So she was a little 7 wks stray kitten. She was covered w/ fleas when we took her in. Since she was too young to get flea medication, I would give her a bath every other day and comb out the fleas for her. In this picture, she was really cold even after I dried her, so I wrapped her in this soft fleece blankie and carried her around. Then she just fell asleep like this....... hehe.......

Oki.... that concludes the random post.... sorry for being non-beauty related.

Still missing home....