Sunday, August 2, 2009

My Painful Weekend

Paint is like the most archaic editting program, but here's a cool way to play it up.

1) Pick a picture where you are facing front.
2) Select half side of you face.
3) Copy and Paste the selection.
4) Go to Image and select Flip/Rotate. Hit enter.
5) Try to move the half side of the face so that it merges w/ the other half side of the face.

Now repeat the steps for the other half of the face...... Which face do you like better? How symmetric is your face????

So here is how I look if I had angular face....... (Proceed w/ caution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I warned ya....... Don't I look hideous??!??!?!? Except.... this is really how I look this weekend.... and not even that symmetric.

So I got a wisdom tooth extraction this weekend. And one side of my jaws is extremely swollen right now. I look almost like I'm eating a marshmallow on one side. Sigh..... I can mumble, but I can't really talk. (Hence, no yt video for next week). I've been eating porridge for every single meal...... =( I can't wait till I can devour loads of junk food............ *CRUNCH CRUNCH* I've been taking antibiotics and pain meds. But I get hives on my face when I take pain meds...... which makes me feel even worse. I hate dentists!!!!!

So from certain angle, I look alright.

But that's because I applied a ton of bronzer to contour...... See the difference?

No contour

A lot of contour

My droopy cheek =[


I was really bored, so I just decided to put on some makeup. Here is my eye makeup of the day.

Argh...... I shall wait patiently and gracefully for my swollen cheek to subside....


  1. ouch!! hope you have a speedy recovery! i can still remember when i had my wisdom teeth out! it was done at night and by the time i went to the pharmacy to get my drugs - they had two of the three medicine there and the one I needed for the pain was not it. I suffered the whole and it was not pretty. shudder!

  2. Hey.. I didn't know you already had your blog up!! XD. Anyway you look MUCH better than *I* did when I got all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed at the same time -.- Hurt like a mofo.

  3. get well soon! :) the paint thing is funny! :) my Hg highlighter is redhead MSF from MAC. :)