Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'm happy, but I'm also sad.

I'm going to vet school in 1 month!!!! I'm so happy!!!! For months, I just couldn't believe that I finally got in. Looking back on the steps I had to take to arrive at where I am standing today, I am sooooooooo grateful of all the obstacles and setbacks I had to overcome. When I felt so lost and lonely, I held onto my dream more tightly and just let it lead the way. Because I knew I never wanted anything this bad.

I'm sad because I just quitted my job at the Humane Society today.... I worked there for one and half years. I've learned most veterinary knowledge from there, and I've met so many great people. Most important of all, I had a chance to help animals who are in needs everyday. I understand that vets don't make that much compare to dentists, optometrists, or other medical professionals. (And quite honestly, it had bothered me for a while) But what's more important than that sense of fulfillment? What is more important than feeling genuinely happy and living my life to the fullest????

I was watching Kandee's video last night.... I'm truly touched by her courage and optimism. For that alone, she's soooo beautiful. I would love to make a video about my story, but it's far less interesting and challenging than hers. So I'll keep it to myself for now. But, I would like to send out a similar message.

Doesn't matter what your dream is, go chase after it.

Don't let anyone tell you "you can't".

Never doubt yourself.

Lead your own path and have no regret in life.

The director of the Humane Society and the vet were so nice that they threw a little surprise party at the end of the day. They bought a cake that says "Will Miss You, Jessie". And they also gave me a copy of Plumb's Veterinary Drug Handbook (The Bible in veterinary world). I didn't know what to say except "THANK YOU!!!" Without them, I wouldn't be where I am today.

And lastly, I'll leave you a photo of Diamond looking through our screen door--another reason why I should be thankful of the Humane Society. =)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Recent Haul 7/27/09

I bought a lot of random stuff over the past 2-3 weeks. Cloths, nail polishes, skincare, and makeup.....

Rimmel Bronzer in Sun Dance & Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Sandstorm. I remember exteeener really like their stay matte powder. So I just wanted to give it a try.

Pretty pretty colors~~ Celebrity Bash & Milk Chocolate. Very pigmented and smooth.

Sally Hansen Nail Polishes in Flash, Glow & Beaming - Not so sure about these.... I got them for 1.79 each.... But the colors are a little too vibrant. Maybe they'll rock as toe nail colors? My mom has already refused to wear these... XD

Still on the hunt for a better under eye concealer. There are a lot of nice reviews for the Almay Bright Eyes Base+Concealer on On my first impression, it's nothing fantastic.... I'll have to try it out a bit longer. Those cream eyeshadows also crease like crazy. The only thing that seems alright at this moment is the highlighting pencil. BUT, it's too thick for any of my pencil sharpeners..... I hate these jumbo pencils, they are so hard to sharpen. Once you use up the tip, fin.

It 's so sad that Jane is also discontinuing...... Although the quality of Jane products is very limited.... it's still a great line for makeup beginners to play around. My very first eyeshadow (purchased over 10 yrs ago....) was Jane's single eyeshadow in Coolest Pink--still my all time favorite. HOWEVER, considering Jane's counterparts -- MAC, Bobbi Brown, Prescriptives, Origins, La Mer, Clinique, and all other Estee Lauder company products---are making huge fortune off millions of ladies' hard earned cash, I shall show no pity to a little Jane who fell for the iron rule of nature --survival of the fittest.

And lastly, my last haulage from ebay (well... for now). Isn't it so dainty and lovely??? It was only $2.99. Shipping already included and no tax!!!! I love these Ebay jewelry finds... they are inexpensive and unique.

The seller for this necklace is kei_ng123. Have fun bidding!!

DOTD 7/28/09

While other beauty gurus have FOTD, EOTD, & HOTD, I have DOTD=Dream of the Day. (Don't worry, I'll do some FOTD's as well. : )

This may seem very strange to some of you, but I developed a habit during college--recalling my dreams.

I always thought my dreams are very amusing, and I love sharing them with my parents and friends. I remember when I was back in elementary school in China, I was so stressed that I kept on dreaming about the grades I would get the next day. And 8/10 times, it came true.

However, most of the time I could only recall traces of the dreams or forget about them very quickly. I figured it must have something to do w/ my lack of sleep during college. So I decided that I would discipline my short term memory by actively memorizing and recalling dreams. I have perfected the "skills" to a point where I could recall the tiniest details and I would be consciously thinking about memorizing a dream while it's happening. XD

I've written down tons of dreams since I started the habit. You'll be surprised how the dreams reflect your real life (in a twisted and unexpected way), and how they shed light on your future plans. I always have so much fun going back to my journals and read about the dreams I had.

So here is what I dreamt about the other day:

I went into a Sephora store. Tall glass walls all around the store. Busy traffic outside, seems like it was in NYC. There was a long line at the register. I wanted to buy something, so I stood in the line as well. All of a sudden, a brunette girl in front of me turned around and just stared at me. Then she had this grin on her face, but still kept on looking at me. I thought she might have recognized me as the youtube guru. So I said very politely, "Do we know each other?" She didn't answer me directly. Instead, she turned arond and started talking to her friend who was still swatching products on the side, "Look, I think she's echoli...." And they just started giggling... totally ignored me......

So I guess that's my biggest fear right now? Getting recognized in the public, like when I'm off guard? I mean I'm not famous in anyway...... I'm just a ordinary girl who does videos on youtube. Most of my friends and co-workers don't even know that I have videos on youtube...... So it's just a little weird if somebody actually knows who I am, esp. when I have no makeup on, walking around in walmart in my pajamas..... haha.......

So far, no one has ever came up to me. But truthefully speaking, I would feel very very honored and proud if anyone recognized me and talked to me. I'm a little shy, but I'm very friendly. I won't bite, I promise. =)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Celebrity Inspired Look: Megan Fox

Megan Fox's look is all about luminous skin, healthy tan, seductive eyes, defined cheeks, dark and pointed eyebrows, and plumpy lips. It seems a lot of stuff is going on all at the same time, but she always look very sexy and fresh. Here are some pictures of her wearing variations of her classic makeup look......

Personally, I'm not very fond of this young lady. But while I was looking through pictures, I realized that there's something I could learn from her, which is you don't need a load of makeup to look glamorous and seductive. And having luminous and glowy skin always a PLUS! So here is my take on it......

I know, I know, my eyebrows are not skinny enough..... And there are few people on youtube who jokes about my thick eyebrows and tell me to pluck them off.
Honestly..... it's my business. And who says having thin eyebrows is the standard of beauty. Is it
written in books? Why would some people want all the girls to look like..... i dunno, Barbie?????
For evolution's sake, embrace diversity!!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Only Thing I Got from Color Craft

There were so many things that I wanted from the Color Craft collection. All those pretty mineralized blushes and skinfinishes..... But I've managed to narrowed down to either Porcelain Pink and Smooth Merge. Sigh.... envy those ladies who can collect them all......

Yesterday, I was at Macy's swatching the colors. Since Porcelain Pink is a re-promote, I was sure it must worth the hype. However, when I tried it on my cheeks, I see absolutely nothing. I'm not sure if it's because of the lighting or because the particular msf didn't have much gold veining. Then, I swatched Smooth Merge, which looks just as beautiful as all the color swatches I've studied before. The two lighter shades look very promising as warm and cool toned highlights, while the middle deep mauve color would serve perfectly as a blush. So I bought it on a whim, well.... everyone is raving about these msfs and I know if I don't grab one now, they'll be gone fast....

So after I got home, I swatched it again. I realized that it's very very shimmery under the light, more shimmery than pigmented. I tried it again today on my face, all the shimmers just sank into my pores and looked so disco-ball-ish. So I'm a little ambivalent now..... I want a msf, specifically for highlighting. Smooth Merge would have been a very multi-purpose blush/highlighter, only if there was not that much shimmer. Should I return it? Should I exchange it for Porcelain Pink?

Here are some pictures....

Under diff lighting

w/ flash

w/o flash

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Everyweek is a new test!

I hate how I have a CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart close to my house, so that I go there at least once every week..... And I hate how drugstores have diff bogo sales every single week!!!! So yesterday I was reading about Almay Bright Eyes Base+Concealer on mua. A lot people left good reviews for this product even though it's relatively new. So naturally, I went to CVS website immediatley to check the weekly ad. And guess what? Almay was on BOGOF sale!!!! I was soooooo tempted to ditch work and snatch it right away.

Jessie: But.... I mean I already have a lot of foundations and concealers, right?

Echoli: But not anything that works well?

Jessie: I was going to join lollipop26's 10 Pan Project....

Echoli: No, you should do 10 Pan Project AFTER you find all your HG products.....

So the struggle goes on...... In the end, Jessie, the more rational one, won. haha...

HOWEVER, I had to go to Walmart w/ my parents....... Yup, you guessed it!!! I had to buy something beauty related at Walmart. Nah.... passed on the Almay concealer because the retail price is just a little too steep. Have to wait for another BOGOF sale. I did grabe 3 mascaras.....

First one is Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara... $5 Heard soooo many good things about this mascara, but never had a chance to get my hands on it. When I saw the half empty MF rack, I realized immediately that it's getting discontinued..... How disappointing... I still want to try the Volume Couture Mascara....

Second one is the Loreal Collagen Mascara, 2 for ~$7. Not bad. Loreal mascaras always seem to hold up its name. I'm loving the Loreal Voluminous right now. The formula is just sooooo creamy and smooth. So we'll see how this one is.

Today, I tried my NYX Doll Eyes Long Lash Mascara for the second time. So far, I really love it. It's even more natural than Maybelline Define-A-Lash, which I just tossed out yesterday. So I will do a review on NYX mascara soon...

That's all for today. Gtg watch Public Enemies. I adore Johnny Depp!!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The No-Makeup Look

Have yo noticed that a lot of Asian celebrities seem to have almost no makeup on, yet their skin look flawless, poreless, and luminous. It's truly an art.

I mean it's so easy to overdo the makeup and look too cakey and fake. But having the perfect amount such that people can't really tell whether you have makeup on. THAT is an art.

Here are few examples....

It's funny how a lot of guys say that they like girls w/o makeup. But 9 out of 10 cases, they just can't tell that girls have makeup. Now, don't let that be an encouragement or an incentive for putting on makeup. I don't really advocate putting on makeup before college because that's the time to embrace your youth and natural beauty. But again..... nowadays w/ plastic surgery and makeup, what is the true definition of "natural beauty". Oh well.... just as long you are happy and you are true to yourself. =)

I have yet to perfect the skills... But here is my take on it..... Try to be as minimalist as possible.

I'd love a diamond wedding ring from my future husband, but for now, I'll settle w/ CZ rings.....

In my latest haul video, I mentioned that I So in my last haul video, I talked about how I went ebay crazy. Well.... the craze did last me a while... .Here are three more items that I just received this week.

First one is a stretchable ring w/ cubic zirconia (aka fake diamond). I paid $1.25. Muhahah!!!! Ebay rules. It's very pretty and wearable. My only complaint is that sometimes my skin and hair get caught between the stretchable chains, and it's a little uncomfortable.

w/o flash

w/ flash

Second item is a necklace w/ a heart shaped pendant. Eh.... it looks alright. Definitely worth the $1.25.

The third item is this necklace w/ an odd shaped necklace. But the reason why I like it is because it looks like my initials "JS". Do you see it?

However, the seller taped the necklace to a piece of paper. When I was so anxious to detach the necklace from the paper, the pendant just broke apart. I was so heart-broken!!!!!!!!!!! I was gong to leave a neutral (cuz I'm nice like that XD) rating. But because the seller is a power seller, and I can't leave a neutral/negative rating w/in 7 days!!!!! So I emailed the seller about the problem and complained his/her poor packaging method. Hopefully, he/she will be nice enough to give me a replacement. Or else, Im gonna leave a negative rating after 7 days!!!! Haha... j/k This was only 99c...... So it's no biggie.... but it would have been so cool to wear a necklace that happen to have my initials on it.

Overall, pretty good, right? They are pretty.... hmm... shiny? Kinda like diamonds???? <-------------------This is how a poor student tries to comfort herself and fulfill her thirst for jewelry.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Diamond

Some people say "Diamonds are girls' best friends." In my case, Diamond is my best (feline) friend.

Recently, I adopted a kitty from the Humane Society that I work for. People at the Humane Society named her Diamond, and I didn't bother to change it. As some of you might have seen in my video, she is a long-hair tuxedo female cat (black coat w/ some white fur in the middle).

She was adopted twice previously. Unfortunately, she was returned both times because those owners complained that she was not properly potty trained. I remember when I first met her, she was such a timid kitty sitting in the back corner of her cage. Then the vet and the vet tech have decided to keep her in the clinic as a clinic kitty. She lived in a big cage w/ a female Siamese kitty. Diamond would sleep w/ her roommate in the same bed all the time. And the other kitty would knead on Diamond's belly. They were so adorable together.

Everytime I go to clean Diamond's cage, she would always come to me and purr non-stop. When an animal that has been hurt so many times before, and still go to you and give you love like there's no tomorrow, I could only love back. I wanted to adopt an animal for so long. However, my mom is not too fond of animals. So I just had to suck it up. BUT! Since I'll be going to vet school in the fall, I will be able to take a kitty with me to keep me company. There are many cute and pretty kitties in the Humane Society. Diamond isn't the most gorgeous cat, but it had to be her.
Few weeks ago, she had an urinary tract infection. I was so worried that her health is going to deteriorate from that point on. (I think she's ~2-3 yr old, but some people think she's ~5 yr old, and some people even think she's 10 yr old) But as soon as we gave her some antibiotics, she got so much better immediately.
She's so been so good w/ using litterbox since the first day she arrived at my house. She's very well-behaved and doesn't get into trouble. She meows, but you could bearly hear her little voice. In many ways, I think she's a lot like me. I'm a bit quiet and introverted around strangers. But once I know a person, I can be very outgoing and talkative. So far, she's just behaving like any kitty, eats a lot, poops a lot, and sleeps a lot. I just feel very fortunate that I adopted her, or so we say, she adopted me. =)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Katy Perry Inspired Look

So a fellow youtuber requested me to do a Kate Perry look. I have to say this was a tough one., mainly because she doesn't really have a signature look. Sometimes, she wears really colorful looks and play funky and naughty; other times she wears a bold red lipstick and just transforms into a classy pinup girl.

Since I was able to finda nice close-up picture of her wearing this pink/purple eye makeup w/ bright red lipstick, so I went full out. She must be one of the extremely few girls who can pull off splitting bangs from the middle and still look good......

I wish my purple popped a little bit more on the upper lid, but oh well..... Here are some better quality pictures....... Lots of camera whoring...

W/ a nude lipcolor (Beloved Styli-Style Lipstick in Beauty)
W/ a red lipcolor, not for the shy....

And of course, being a person who's so unbelievable bad at names like me, I had to butcher her name in the video....... Sorry, Katy Perry and fans....... Really didn't mean to give her a nickname...

That's it~~~ Have a great day!