Thursday, July 23, 2009

Celebrity Inspired Look: Megan Fox

Megan Fox's look is all about luminous skin, healthy tan, seductive eyes, defined cheeks, dark and pointed eyebrows, and plumpy lips. It seems a lot of stuff is going on all at the same time, but she always look very sexy and fresh. Here are some pictures of her wearing variations of her classic makeup look......

Personally, I'm not very fond of this young lady. But while I was looking through pictures, I realized that there's something I could learn from her, which is you don't need a load of makeup to look glamorous and seductive. And having luminous and glowy skin always a PLUS! So here is my take on it......

I know, I know, my eyebrows are not skinny enough..... And there are few people on youtube who jokes about my thick eyebrows and tell me to pluck them off.
Honestly..... it's my business. And who says having thin eyebrows is the standard of beauty. Is it
written in books? Why would some people want all the girls to look like..... i dunno, Barbie?????
For evolution's sake, embrace diversity!!!!


  1. You do NOT have to do anything to your eyebrows,they are perfect like that,and they really suit your features.

  2. you don't need to do anything to your brows. your natural eyebrows are always the ones that flatter you the most.

    (i read that in a magazine too)

    very pretty look too!

  3. You look exquisite! :D I'm sooo jealous of your perfect skin! =/ thanks so much for posting these makeup vids that cater to Asian eyes! Yay! :)

  4. I don't know why those people would bother about your eyebrow...(they can shave off their all they want.) which aren't even bushy...

    I agree with you about Megan Fox, when I first saw her in several magazines and heard her in interviews, she seems to be a typical , back stabbing shallow Hollywood girl...But she is very darn pretty though...

  5. People will always find something to judge negatively about. Don't think a second bit more about it! I luv the look. Your video inspired me to do my own look XD I'm not really good but it was really fun!!

  6. girl, i wish i had thick brows like urs! love the look =)

  7. Geez, people are so mean, especially if they can hide behind the internet! I like your eyebrows. I look ridiculous if my eyebrows are too thin and then I have to fill them in, which is a pain in the butt! I love your take on the Megan Fox look, you're so beautiful and have luminous skin!

  8. such a pretty look!
    btw, congrats on your 100+ followers!
    I'm the 101th! hehe.

    I love watching your videos on youtube!
    It really inspires me a lot!