Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Recent Haul 7/27/09

I bought a lot of random stuff over the past 2-3 weeks. Cloths, nail polishes, skincare, and makeup.....

Rimmel Bronzer in Sun Dance & Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Sandstorm. I remember exteeener really like their stay matte powder. So I just wanted to give it a try.

Pretty pretty colors~~ Celebrity Bash & Milk Chocolate. Very pigmented and smooth.

Sally Hansen Nail Polishes in Flash, Glow & Beaming - Not so sure about these.... I got them for 1.79 each.... But the colors are a little too vibrant. Maybe they'll rock as toe nail colors? My mom has already refused to wear these... XD

Still on the hunt for a better under eye concealer. There are a lot of nice reviews for the Almay Bright Eyes Base+Concealer on makeupalley.com. On my first impression, it's nothing fantastic.... I'll have to try it out a bit longer. Those cream eyeshadows also crease like crazy. The only thing that seems alright at this moment is the highlighting pencil. BUT, it's too thick for any of my pencil sharpeners..... I hate these jumbo pencils, they are so hard to sharpen. Once you use up the tip, fin.

It 's so sad that Jane is also discontinuing...... Although the quality of Jane products is very limited.... it's still a great line for makeup beginners to play around. My very first eyeshadow (purchased over 10 yrs ago....) was Jane's single eyeshadow in Coolest Pink--still my all time favorite. HOWEVER, considering Jane's counterparts -- MAC, Bobbi Brown, Prescriptives, Origins, La Mer, Clinique, and all other Estee Lauder company products---are making huge fortune off millions of ladies' hard earned cash, I shall show no pity to a little Jane who fell for the iron rule of nature --survival of the fittest.

And lastly, my last haulage from ebay (well... for now). Isn't it so dainty and lovely??? It was only $2.99. Shipping already included and no tax!!!! I love these Ebay jewelry finds... they are inexpensive and unique.

The seller for this necklace is kei_ng123. Have fun bidding!!


  1. Nice haul, girl!! I have the Milk Chocolate n/p too, i love it!!! :D

    The Style Of Neighborhood

  2. i believe, not 100% sure...walgreens is discontinuing to sell Jane products...

    i cant believe you can find so much stuff for cheaper price!! lucky!

  3. Great haul! I loved the video, you're so pretty! The Rimmel Bronzer was very orange on me so hopefully it look a lot better on you! I also went and got those same nail colors today after reading this post, thanks! Milk chocolate is gorgeous. I'm sad Jane is being discontinued too, I loved their blushes.