Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Only Thing I Got from Color Craft

There were so many things that I wanted from the Color Craft collection. All those pretty mineralized blushes and skinfinishes..... But I've managed to narrowed down to either Porcelain Pink and Smooth Merge. Sigh.... envy those ladies who can collect them all......

Yesterday, I was at Macy's swatching the colors. Since Porcelain Pink is a re-promote, I was sure it must worth the hype. However, when I tried it on my cheeks, I see absolutely nothing. I'm not sure if it's because of the lighting or because the particular msf didn't have much gold veining. Then, I swatched Smooth Merge, which looks just as beautiful as all the color swatches I've studied before. The two lighter shades look very promising as warm and cool toned highlights, while the middle deep mauve color would serve perfectly as a blush. So I bought it on a whim, well.... everyone is raving about these msfs and I know if I don't grab one now, they'll be gone fast....

So after I got home, I swatched it again. I realized that it's very very shimmery under the light, more shimmery than pigmented. I tried it again today on my face, all the shimmers just sank into my pores and looked so disco-ball-ish. So I'm a little ambivalent now..... I want a msf, specifically for highlighting. Smooth Merge would have been a very multi-purpose blush/highlighter, only if there was not that much shimmer. Should I return it? Should I exchange it for Porcelain Pink?

Here are some pictures....

Under diff lighting

w/ flash

w/o flash


  1. I just watched your latest haul vid!

    Definitely exchange the Smooth Merge MSF for Porcelain Pink~ I agree it's really very glittery. it looked so pretty in the compact though!..I haven't bought any of the Color Craft stuff but I went to MAC last weekend and tried on some shades for fun.
    Out in the sun smooth merge looked too shimmery for me...I think the colors would look nice as shimmer eyeshadow like for a night out etc.
    Porcelain Pink I think would e nice for a highlighter but not as much for blush since like you said the color doesn't really show up.

    Where in SoCal do you live in?

  2. Great swatches! You have good self control, if you bought everything, you would never make a dent in them! :)