Sunday, July 12, 2009

In love w/ Laura Geller baked goodies.....

So recently, I bought two Laura Geller Blush-N-Brightens from Ebay. (Yay for Ebay!) And I am in love!!!!!! They are very similar to each other, and both seem to be close dupes for MAC Mineralized Blush in Nuance. Don't you just love these baked goodies??!?!?!? Something about the domed shape and the unpredictability of the color payoff just draws me to these products.

First one is Laura Geller Blush-N-Brighten in Apricot Berry (9 g.). There are light pink, rose, golden, and burgundy veinings, but the golden color is more dominating. Isn't it gorgeous? I paid $14 (including shipping) for this baby here.

The second one is Laura Geller Blush-N-Brighten in Golden Apricot (5 g). The color is very similar to Apricot Berry minus the burgundy veinings. Again, the golden color seems to be the dominating one. I guess that's why they look very similar on the skin. I paid $11 (including shipping) for this one.

Here is MAC Mineralized Blush in Nuance

And just for the sake of showing my other beloved mac blush, here is Dainty.

Here is a swatch.....

From left to right: Nuance, Golden Apricot, Apricot Berry, Dainty
w/o flash

w/ flash

As you can see, Apricot Berry, Golden Apricot and Nuance are very similar. The only slight difference is that Nuance has some very fine flecks of shimmer while the LG blushes leave a sheen finish.
Since Nuance was a limited edition blush, for those of you who missed it, here are two super close dupes for a portion of the price. I think Mac Mineralized blushes are 3.2 grams, and the regular price is $21 (although I got mine at $18.50 for my Nuance at a CCO).


  1. hi jessie! love your youtube channel! hope you put some pics of your looks up here =)

  2. Hey, just can't stop checking your other videos, haha, I wish they are available in Europe.:(


  3. I'm a used baked Laura Geller fan as well...I talked a little bit about it on my blog as well