Saturday, February 27, 2010

Little Update

I've been really into nail stuff recently... I was searching for nail polishes on ebay, then I saw these nail canes where you can cut a slice of the cross section and glue them onto your nails. There are so many cute ones, such as a cat face, apple, watermelon, flower, kiwi, and so on.

Then I came across the Konad Nail Stamping System. I can't believe that I've never heard about it before. It's kinda like an intricate nail design for dummies. I would never be able to have the patience nor the artistic skills to draw those designs. I really wanted to order some plates and nail polishes from, but unfortuntely, they just ran out of the really famous M57 plate. So I shall use my last bit of patience and wait until they restock =)

Since I'm in a hunt for any nail stuff, I "accidentally" bid on a set of korean nail polishes yesterday. Initially I thought it was only 0.99 cents for all 5 bottles, so I placed a bid when there was like 3 min left. Then I realized that the shipping alone is 7 bucks...... 10 bucks for 5 polishes is that bad, the problem is that I've never heard of the brand before, and I don't know if I should pay...... Sigh... this might be my first bad record one ebay. I always pay the seller immediately after the bid finishes.... but this time, I blame myself for being so careless......

Speaking of shopping, it's a little burdensome to think that everything I buy right now has an interest rate (since I'm on federal loans...). And I'm just kinda broke right now, that I really need to triple and quadruple think before I buy something.... Do I really need another nail polish or another blush when my drawers are already overflowing with unused stuff.....

Anyways.... I don't think I've mentioned this before, but Diamond has asthma. Although I worked with animals all the time, it's been a while since I had a pet on my own. It took me a long to realize that Diamond is coughing (I mistakened it as trying to throw up her hairball for 3 months... yes I know, shame on me.) So I took her to the animal hospital, and the vet couldn't really figure out why. But her bronchi did look a little inflamed on the radiograph. So the vet told me to give Diamond Predinisolone, which is a steroid that reduces inflammation, but the side effect = immune system goes down as well.

She reacted well the pred initially. Her cough was completely gone! But on the 4th day, she started sneezing all of a sudden. Like 15 sneezes in 10 seconds. I totally freaked out. As it turned out, most cats have feline herpes virus, which don't manifest themselves unless the immune system is compromised. So the vet told me to stop giving her pred. One week later, the sneezes went away, cough came back, and actually a bit worse than before. I just get really stressed when I see her struggling, and I really want her to feel better. The vet recommended getting Diamond an inhaler. So I just picked it up few days ago, a $168 inhaler. $168!!!! And I still need to get a mask so that it can fit over her face and deliver all the aerosol medication from the inhaler.

And also few weeks ago, my wrist was still hurting from falling during ice-skating. I debated for a while whether I should see the doctor.... since there wasn't any swelling and it only hurt when I press on the spot.... But just to make sure, I decided to see the doc and got some X-rays. Nothing was broken, yay! The doctor said I probably sprained my ligament, (scapholunate ligament to be exact). It's funny how the guy at the ice-skating place give us a 50% discount, so it only cost 6 bucks, but the medical bill on the other hand was not so nice.

Anyways.... lessons learned. I need to take better care of myself and of Diamond.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Happy Long Weekend!!!

Happy Chinese New Year!!!!

新年快乐!!! 万事如意!!!

I was trying out my new circle lenses today... they are blue from the Twilight Series (hehehe... =P)

The color is definitely very intense. But in a way, they actually look quite "natural" in a way that they have a black rim and dark blue center that just blended away with my eye color. I've wanted to try blue lenses for a while now..... My next to try color is purple, and black circle lenses...... and maybe a lighter blue lens? LOL

If you want to order any circle lenses, feel free to check out

Enter ECHOLI10 at checkout for 10% discount!

Ok.... I shall go back to studying now.... =(

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bargain alert: Save 20% on your next Sephora purchase

I'm not sure if you guys know about, if you don't, you can watch the video below. If you know the drill, just skip it!

I was just bored today and typed "lipstick" on And guess what? There's 20% cashback right now on Sephora, which totally legitimizes shopping valentine gifts for ourselves, especially single ladies out there like myself.

It's very simple, as long as you have a hotmail account (if you don't, just sign up for it. It's free... no string attached). Then microsoft will send you the rebate 60 days later.

Anyways... I don't know how long the rebate will last as 20%.... But hope this helped some of you to save some bucks. =)