Friday, June 11, 2010

FOTD:Dee Hsu Inspired Look

Dee Hsu aka 徐熙娣 aka 小S is one of my favorite Taiwanese stars. She used to be a singer, but now she mainly hosts entertainment talk shows. She is wild, down to earth, and sooooo freaking hilarious. She is probably one of the very few people who acts and talks without caring what other people think, well on TV anyways.

Anyways.... So I got really inspired by the look she was wearing in the photo. It's amazing how the makeup artist was able to change the shape of her eye. And the smoky look is so clean and so sexy at the same time. So I tried to replicate the look.... but I don't think I was able to change the shape of my eyes...... So here is the fail attempt 1...... I will try to do a tutorial once I figure out how to replicate the look... haha...

As usual, circle lenses are from

The particular pair I'm wearing is World Series 3-toned lenses in Grey.

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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Orly Festival Lights

This nail polish is from their Carnivale collection a while ago..... I also really like the color in Rio night which is a deep cream purple color... Haven't had a chance to get that one yet.

Festival Lights is a creamy orangy color. Cream finish. I saw this nail polish still in my local CVS at $6.99.

I have to say I'm happy I didn't have to pay for the retail price for this nail polish. Orly brush is extremely flimsy and thin. Compare to OPI (which I only needed 3 strokes to cover my entire nail), I had to apply at least 5 strokes to cover my nail. This particular nail polish is also very sheer and runny..... I would have been fine with a sheer orange nail polish if it applied evenly during the first or second coat..... But I really needed 3 coats to get the color intensity and also get the color evenly. It took forever to dry.... so as usually, I have finger prints, dents, smears, and what not on my nails.

The color is gorgeous, and really flatters my yellow/olive undertone. Definitely a great summer color for my skin. But I think it's easily dupable. For example, Festival Lights by Orly is extremely similar to V by China Glaze (CG is much cheaper too...).

So overall, I'm not too pleased with this Orly nail polish.... I think I would only buy from them again if the color is super unique.

Here are the swatches.....

Under my lamp light...

w/ flash light

It's scary how quickly I got hooked with OPI nail polishes..... I can understand why ppl say once you use the more expensive/high end products, you don't want to go back.... In this case, OPI nail polishes is totally worth price considering how quickly the nail polish dries so you won't mess up and don't have to deal with booboos. Also, you only need to put 1 or 2 coats for the same color intensity, so one bottle of OPI nail polish will definitely last much longer than other nail polishes...
And on top of everything, OPI is free of formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP.

I really want to get more nail polishes... but I think for now, my collection of nail polishes is decent. Since I have decided to go on to a volunteering trip to Mexico to help the local ppl with treating and vaccinating their animals. So I should start saving some money for a more meaningful cause.....

Anyways.... Gotta get back to studying for finals...