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Monday, May 21, 2012

When life hits rock bottom....

Life has been a little rough for me

Diamond was getting stressed with the three foster kittens growing up
She vomitted 10 times within 3 days
Since Diamond is an older cat
I was really stressed out thinking of all the possible ailments she can get
I had no choice but to transfer my kittens to another foster last week
My room feels really empty without them
I turn around and see all these places in my room where they would play and completely pass out
But I don't see them there
I feel really sorry that I couldn't keep them longer and spend more time with them
They were such well behaved kittens
The new foster is very dedicated and has two adult kitties who can play with the kittens
So at least the kittens will have a better life
The new foster is keeping the names I gave them:  Isadora, Sophie and Madeleine

My mom and my grandma both developed some medical issues recently that I can't disclose here
I don't know how to react to it
Maybe it's because I kind of saw it coming
It's hard being the only child in the family
Most of the time, I have to be strong, brave and stoic
But sometimes, the burden is too heavy
I just want to crumble and hide in a corner

My dormmate decided she has had enough with me
Started sending me really rude and offensive email blaming me for not being considerate
Blaming the kittens for giving her sinus infection, for making her grades drop
Even though the kittens are in my room 24/7 and I had never asked her for help
I'm not a mean person in nature
And I hate those times when I'm forced to stand up for myself
I don't even know how to be mean and how to defend for myself....

On the upside
I finally transferred my leadership position in the kitten rescue group to my successors
I feel so accomplished contributing to this organization and saved more than 350 kittens in this school year alone

I'm also fortunate enough to receive three very generous scholarships recognizing my academic performance and contribution to clubs and non-profit organizations

Whenever I felt lost and lonely in the past,
I always tell myself
When life gets hard and it feels like the whole world is against you
Just keep your head up high
The end of the tunnel may be dark and may be no where in sight
Just keep on looking straight ahead, and don't look back
Don't let anyone tell you what you can't do
Just keep walking and follow your dreams
Soon enough
You'll seen the light shining through

Look at things that make you happy
Be with people that make you feel lucky
Laugh with the world and let the world laugh back at you
Because it's a lot easier to get through tough times if you keep that smile on your face

This is Sophie, isn't she adorable?

Diamond and I (and always much more photogenic than I)

Sorry... Didn't mean to rant and didn't intend to turn this post this didactical..... 
Just having a very bad Monday right now, and just needed to tell myself some reassuring..... 

I hope you guys had a much better day than I did!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

2 More Ways to Style the Accordion Skirt

Here are two more ways that I styled the Accordion Color Blocking Skirt.....  

I used to loathe the color yellow.  I remember telling my mom that yellow color disgusts me...... 

Lo and behold, mustard yellow somehow became one of my favorite colors!  I have mustard yellow wallet, shoes, and clothing pieces.  

So you can imagine when I saw this skirt, I was immediately drawn to it because of the pleats, color blocking, and the pop of yellow color.  Just loving it right now! 

Necklace - Walmart (many years ago)
Top - Goodwill
Belt - Marshall's (came with another dress)
Accordion Color blocking skirt - (Enter "BL8302JRSJ" for 50% discount at the check out)
Grey loafers - Goodwill
Rings - JewelMint, Ebay (lion one and stone one)

Was trying to be cool, but I just look like I'm pissed.  I just don't have a friendly face without smiling.  

Was trying to "model" out the outfit, but instead got few awkward photos.... I really admire models who strike a midair pose and still keep their face so relaxed and sexy. 

Necklace - Forever21 (few years old also)
Corset - Ebay (bought it for dressing up as Black Swan on Halloween, but it arrived late =(
Accordion Color blocking skirt - (Enter "BL8302JRSJ" for 50% discount at the check out)
Tights - I don't remember where I got it....
Peep toe oxford Shoes - from an outlet shoe store Ontario Mills 

Monday, May 14, 2012

OOTD: Pastel Color Blocking

Was playing around with my new hair extension the other day. I think having long and nice hair really helps to shape your face and brings a more girliness to my whole appearance.   I just couldn't stop touching the hair. XD

Here is the before and after comparison....

Here is a video showing you how I put it on if you are interested.  There are tons of really good tutorial videos on youtube.... Actually, that's how I learned how to clip on mine.  

So I decided to put a more pastel color blocking outfit together.   I've been really into color blocking lately.  I'm not the most fashion forward person, and I do have a lot of clothing pieces that have unique or bold colors on their own.  Being able to clash different colors and still be trendy is so easy and sometimes so effortless.  If you feel like you have to buy a dozen things from Forever 21 to be able to up to beat with the trend, you should look into your closet first and find those things that you have been ignoring or have been pairing more conservatively before. 

Blue chiffon shirt - Classic for Ladies (Westfield Santa Anita Mall)
Accordion Color blocking skirt -  (Enter "BL8302JRSJ" for 50% discount at the check out)
Sandals - Target from last summer
Rings (not visible in picture =P) - jewelmint, ebay
Bracelet (not even visible in picture =P) - from 1-2 years back
Hair extension -

Thursday, January 5, 2012

One day, I'll own a pair of Jeffrey Campell Lita!

I was browsing at my my local TJ Maxx today, and I saw a bunch of furry things on the shoe shelf. The shape reminded me of Jeffrey Campell's classic Litas immediately. Once I looked inside, and realized these are really JC Litas. These are the JC Lita Shag.

They come with a white color, tan color and a black color. Honestly, the tan ones look like someone use Chubaka's fur......

Litas look really bulky, but the way they are structured seem to flatter a lot of girls out there. I'm 5'8", and I'm already taller than most of my friends. So my mom (my shopping advisor) always deter me from even trying on high heels/pumps/wedges. I've always wondered how Litas look on me.

So I tried these on anyways. (will insert a photo of me wearing these bad boys later)

Surpringingly, aside from the shaggy part, these shoes were so comfortable and so light. I mastered walking in them in less than 10 seconds. They were so easy to walk in that I literally didn't want to take them off. I feel 50% of the reason why I'm afraid of wearing high heels is the pain and discomfort (the othe r50% is from feeling like a giant and standing out too much). With these, at least I think I can walk comfortably and confidently without tripping.

But it's OK.... These are a little to exaggerated for my taste. If I ever get the impulse and or can afford JC Litas in the future, I would probably get the classic black leather one or suede one.

If anyone is interested, these are still sold at $160 something on But they were marked down to $80 at my local TJ Maxx. (I only saw the tan and black ones though).

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My favorite look right now...

I've been inspired by a lot of gurus on youtube, and I'm really enjoying neutral eye makeup with bold red lipstick. I've been trying to film a makeup tutorial for a while.... But I just can't find a free video editing software that seems to work. I tried to film it again today, and my new Canon ELPH HS 300 camera just had a glitch. Not only did all my videos disappear, but all the pictures became invalid files that I can't even see on the camera itself......

Ugh!!! It took me so long to find a day where I'm free, the lighting was good, and the look really came together..... I've only had my camera for 2 months, and it's giving up already?!?!?!

Anyways..... These are some pictures I took when I tried to film the tutorial the first time. I'll keep on trying!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

VII O2M Oxygen Eye Mask Review

Few weeks ago, I was sent the VII Oxygen Eye Mask from Great Beauty Online Store.

I normally don't like putting stuff around my eyes because many eye creams sting my eyes and some feel like they are clogging up my pores. I've never heard this brand before and I was a little hesitant in trying out the eye mask initially. However, upon reading more information, I became more interested in trying it out.

This brand was developed in the 18th century by Byrne Victor. He was developing a skincare solution for himself since he has a skin issue. It took him 20 years to formulate such special skincare regime. It later became the most wanted beauty secret throughout the Europe. You can read more about the History of VII Beauty.

You can watch my video for a full review. I'm just going to briefly cover few points.

Works while you sleep.
* Easy to apply.
* Great for sensitive skin. (Didn't cause any discomfort or allergy for me).
* Moisturizes and brightens up the undereye area.

* Relatively expensive $55/a box of 6 pairs of eye masks
* May cause discomfort if you are already having allergy. May sting a little.
* Limited power at reducing dark circles.

Overall, I enjoyed using this eye mask a lot. I thought it was fun and convenient, and I'm satisfied with the results. If I could have a more regular sleeping schedule, I think my dark circles wouldn't be as severe. Anyways.... Now picture time...

This is how they look like out of the individual packaging...

Lightly press on the mask after you have positioned them to your liking. My skin has been acting up a lot lately...Sigh...

It stung a little bit because I had allergy yesterday and I have rubbed my eyes a lot.... But the sting was pretty tolerable and was gone after about 10 minutes.

Yay! Ready to go to bed and let the eye masks do their work.

Here are the before and after pictures... Before - no makeup, no skincare products whatsoever. After - just the Neutrogena sunscreen lotion. No makeup.

What do you guys think?

Here are some pictures from the company.....