Thursday, May 17, 2012

2 More Ways to Style the Accordion Skirt

Here are two more ways that I styled the Accordion Color Blocking Skirt.....  

I used to loathe the color yellow.  I remember telling my mom that yellow color disgusts me...... 

Lo and behold, mustard yellow somehow became one of my favorite colors!  I have mustard yellow wallet, shoes, and clothing pieces.  

So you can imagine when I saw this skirt, I was immediately drawn to it because of the pleats, color blocking, and the pop of yellow color.  Just loving it right now! 

Necklace - Walmart (many years ago)
Top - Goodwill
Belt - Marshall's (came with another dress)
Accordion Color blocking skirt - (Enter "BL8302JRSJ" for 50% discount at the check out)
Grey loafers - Goodwill
Rings - JewelMint, Ebay (lion one and stone one)

Was trying to be cool, but I just look like I'm pissed.  I just don't have a friendly face without smiling.  

Was trying to "model" out the outfit, but instead got few awkward photos.... I really admire models who strike a midair pose and still keep their face so relaxed and sexy. 

Necklace - Forever21 (few years old also)
Corset - Ebay (bought it for dressing up as Black Swan on Halloween, but it arrived late =(
Accordion Color blocking skirt - (Enter "BL8302JRSJ" for 50% discount at the check out)
Tights - I don't remember where I got it....
Peep toe oxford Shoes - from an outlet shoe store Ontario Mills 

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