Thursday, January 5, 2012

One day, I'll own a pair of Jeffrey Campell Lita!

I was browsing at my my local TJ Maxx today, and I saw a bunch of furry things on the shoe shelf. The shape reminded me of Jeffrey Campell's classic Litas immediately. Once I looked inside, and realized these are really JC Litas. These are the JC Lita Shag.

They come with a white color, tan color and a black color. Honestly, the tan ones look like someone use Chubaka's fur......

Litas look really bulky, but the way they are structured seem to flatter a lot of girls out there. I'm 5'8", and I'm already taller than most of my friends. So my mom (my shopping advisor) always deter me from even trying on high heels/pumps/wedges. I've always wondered how Litas look on me.

So I tried these on anyways. (will insert a photo of me wearing these bad boys later)

Surpringingly, aside from the shaggy part, these shoes were so comfortable and so light. I mastered walking in them in less than 10 seconds. They were so easy to walk in that I literally didn't want to take them off. I feel 50% of the reason why I'm afraid of wearing high heels is the pain and discomfort (the othe r50% is from feeling like a giant and standing out too much). With these, at least I think I can walk comfortably and confidently without tripping.

But it's OK.... These are a little to exaggerated for my taste. If I ever get the impulse and or can afford JC Litas in the future, I would probably get the classic black leather one or suede one.

If anyone is interested, these are still sold at $160 something on But they were marked down to $80 at my local TJ Maxx. (I only saw the tan and black ones though).