Saturday, January 30, 2010

Racism is absolutely not tolerated on my channel!

Being on youtube has definitely increased my tolerance for harsh and hateful words. But being called by racial slurs and being criticized with profanity is something I will never tolerate. I'm not sure if other youtube gurus have encountered this problem. Today I received a racist message, probably most vicious by far.

Here is the actual message.....

"Message to the Asian man and woman Message to the Asian man and woman

I hate Asians. Asians are one of the most ungrateful RACIST individuals in the United States. I hate you yellow bastards. You slant eyed motherfuckers wouldnt be in the United States if it wasnt for the African Americans paving the way for civil rights getting bricks throw in them and having blood spill from their faces. They were beaten, spit on, dogs biting the breast off teenagers marching and hoses spraying the skin off of their backs. I dont believe in Martin Loser Kings, Jr. Dream. He was an Uncle Tom like yall trying to be friends with Whitey. I dont believe in desegregation. You can kill the dreamer but not the dream, fuck the dream. Segregation is the only way. There is no way to live on earth with other people of a different race, especially the lighter races like you pan face bastards. Your White Idols (the devils that you slant eyed mofos worship) would even allow you chinks in the U.S. You yellow bastards come into the U.S. and set up stores in the black community and disrespect my people and suck the black neighborhood dry. I know that there are some house Negroes in the black community thugging and selling drugs to their people for the white man, however, I know about the self hatred in the Asian community. You yellow motherfuckers get your eyes changed to look European and you fools lighten your skin. I know that these Uncle Tom ass Negroes do it; however, it is not the norm in the black community like it is in the Asian community. I hate you chinks and I know that all of yall are racist and Im trying to wake my people up about you pan face racist bastards. We will kick you rice eating orange chicken motherfuckers out of our neighborhoods. Tell your friends, neighbors, and parents that the black community is waking up. GET THE HELL OUT OF OUR COMMUNITY you self loathing wannabe white racist yellow small dick flat ass motherfuckers. "

OK, I don't even need to finish reading this message to understand what you are trying to say. You are simply hypocritic. To say that all Asians are "ungrateful racist individuals" is just obnoxious. And how are yourself not racist? I hate it when people are trying to instigate conflicts between minority groups..... Shouldn't we embrace peace and love? Shouldn't we unite to form stronger power? What's the use of blaming on each other? When you could have used the time to make a difference in your or other's life, you just wasted it spamming the whole wide youtube community about your hatred.

What if I'm yellow? I'm proud of being an Asian.

Now, please help me to report this youtube user. We don't need any more violence in this world than what we already suffered.

Thank you!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

FOTD and a little update

I'm so lazy at updating this blog, it's not even funny.....

Anyways... this quarter started out as pretty intense. But I'm still in Winter Break Mood.... and I'm losing my motivation to study..... I really should push myself harder.

Here is a FOTD I did a few days a go.... I'm wearing the Geo World Series - Green circle lens from I'm not a huge fan of the color "green", but this color definitely stands out. Love it!

You can purchase these lenses at Lens Circle . Enter ECHOLI10 at check out for 10% discount.

Oh, why am I doing the sad face??? I went to ice skating with my friends during the Martin Luther King long weekend. I've only ice skated once before with the help of my friend. And I consider myself as extremely uncoordinated due to my long limbs..... On the way, all my friends were telling me how they are not very good at it. As soon as we walked into the ice skating place, they started skating right away and just disappeared. Meanwhile, I was holding onto the wall and trying to balance myself.

So as a result..... I fell 5 times, and I mean I fell hard!!! My friend was holding onto my hands to keep me balanced. Everytime I'm about to fall, I feel really bad dragging her down as well (which would have been so easy since she's a lot smaller than me), so I diverted my weight away from my hands, and landed on my knees all 5 times. By the 2nd time, it already felt like the skin around my knees were all wide open. I had so much ice on my knee area.... Although I got up just fine, it hurt so much to bend my knees that I just couldn't really enjoy the rest of the time skating. Man, it was embarrassing.

After I went home, I checked my knees. Didn't break any skin! But swollen and red as hell..... I iced it for the whole night.... but here is how my knees look like the day after.....

Brutal, right?

Do you know why bruises have different coloration?
1st - Red - due to oxygenated hemoglobin
Then... - Blue - due to deoxygenated hemoglobin
Then... - Green - due to biliverdin
Then... - Yellow - due to bilirubin (the same compound that stains our pee and poop yellow ;P)
Finally... -Golden-brown - due to hemosiderin

So age the bruise please! Ok... that was random

Btw, I just saw Avatar yesterday, yeah I know, talking about falling behind. It's awesome!!!! Best 2hr and 30 minutes ever!!! Totally see why everyone is raving about it!!! I love how the storyline emphasized on loving the mother nature and bonding with the animals. Also the theme of big corporation taking over smaller businesses...... The plot may be a little cliche.... but you can really feel the amt of effort the crew put in to make Pandora seem as realistic as possible. I was watching a video clip of how they filmed it..... the kind of technology is just insane..... Anyways.... I kind of wish that they will make a sequel.... but I guess it'll be kinda hard with the ending.

Oh well.... gotta go study some more medicine....