Tuesday, July 28, 2009

DOTD 7/28/09

While other beauty gurus have FOTD, EOTD, & HOTD, I have DOTD=Dream of the Day. (Don't worry, I'll do some FOTD's as well. : )

This may seem very strange to some of you, but I developed a habit during college--recalling my dreams.

I always thought my dreams are very amusing, and I love sharing them with my parents and friends. I remember when I was back in elementary school in China, I was so stressed that I kept on dreaming about the grades I would get the next day. And 8/10 times, it came true.

However, most of the time I could only recall traces of the dreams or forget about them very quickly. I figured it must have something to do w/ my lack of sleep during college. So I decided that I would discipline my short term memory by actively memorizing and recalling dreams. I have perfected the "skills" to a point where I could recall the tiniest details and I would be consciously thinking about memorizing a dream while it's happening. XD

I've written down tons of dreams since I started the habit. You'll be surprised how the dreams reflect your real life (in a twisted and unexpected way), and how they shed light on your future plans. I always have so much fun going back to my journals and read about the dreams I had.

So here is what I dreamt about the other day:

I went into a Sephora store. Tall glass walls all around the store. Busy traffic outside, seems like it was in NYC. There was a long line at the register. I wanted to buy something, so I stood in the line as well. All of a sudden, a brunette girl in front of me turned around and just stared at me. Then she had this grin on her face, but still kept on looking at me. I thought she might have recognized me as the youtube guru. So I said very politely, "Do we know each other?" She didn't answer me directly. Instead, she turned arond and started talking to her friend who was still swatching products on the side, "Look, I think she's echoli...." And they just started giggling... totally ignored me......

So I guess that's my biggest fear right now? Getting recognized in the public, like when I'm off guard? I mean I'm not famous in anyway...... I'm just a ordinary girl who does videos on youtube. Most of my friends and co-workers don't even know that I have videos on youtube...... So it's just a little weird if somebody actually knows who I am, esp. when I have no makeup on, walking around in walmart in my pajamas..... haha.......

So far, no one has ever came up to me. But truthefully speaking, I would feel very very honored and proud if anyone recognized me and talked to me. I'm a little shy, but I'm very friendly. I won't bite, I promise. =)


  1. Dreams are amazing. They have been able to inspire many great arts, solve major problems, and even helped warn people of illnesses to help us resolve our stresses in life...

    I wish I can remember my dreams, but often times I wake up and forget. ^_~ lol

    Take care,


  2. what an amazing idea,everytime i dream i usually forget by the time i wake up.

  3. During school - depending on how grueling and stressful it was, I would def. have dreams about my classes.

    If it was really bad (Calc!) I would have dreams about it during the summer :)