Saturday, July 18, 2009

I'd love a diamond wedding ring from my future husband, but for now, I'll settle w/ CZ rings.....

In my latest haul video, I mentioned that I So in my last haul video, I talked about how I went ebay crazy. Well.... the craze did last me a while... .Here are three more items that I just received this week.

First one is a stretchable ring w/ cubic zirconia (aka fake diamond). I paid $1.25. Muhahah!!!! Ebay rules. It's very pretty and wearable. My only complaint is that sometimes my skin and hair get caught between the stretchable chains, and it's a little uncomfortable.

w/o flash

w/ flash

Second item is a necklace w/ a heart shaped pendant. Eh.... it looks alright. Definitely worth the $1.25.

The third item is this necklace w/ an odd shaped necklace. But the reason why I like it is because it looks like my initials "JS". Do you see it?

However, the seller taped the necklace to a piece of paper. When I was so anxious to detach the necklace from the paper, the pendant just broke apart. I was so heart-broken!!!!!!!!!!! I was gong to leave a neutral (cuz I'm nice like that XD) rating. But because the seller is a power seller, and I can't leave a neutral/negative rating w/in 7 days!!!!! So I emailed the seller about the problem and complained his/her poor packaging method. Hopefully, he/she will be nice enough to give me a replacement. Or else, Im gonna leave a negative rating after 7 days!!!! Haha... j/k This was only 99c...... So it's no biggie.... but it would have been so cool to wear a necklace that happen to have my initials on it.

Overall, pretty good, right? They are pretty.... hmm... shiny? Kinda like diamonds???? <-------------------This is how a poor student tries to comfort herself and fulfill her thirst for jewelry.


  1. I love all your jewelry, and of course your blog, which is a jewel itself, really.

    I just wanted to note that even if you go with those stretch rings, with the fake diamond, that cost you 2$, from some stand in the street, there will be people that yet will think that you are married. It's in your favor and against you, depends on you.. think on your own when are where to wear it ...:)

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  2. The rings were awesome and beautiful. Thanks for sharing them here. Well, by the way I too having such a beautiful Tungsten Rings They were so nice and attractive.

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  4. Looks like you love purchasing jewelry online! Well, the jewelry you picked look pretty good! It’s just sad that the necklace was broken. The seller should have put it in a box instead of taping it onto a piece of paper. I think that can still be fixed. Just bring it to a nearby jewelry shop that offers services for that kind of damage.

    *Bridget Rossi