Saturday, July 18, 2009

The No-Makeup Look

Have yo noticed that a lot of Asian celebrities seem to have almost no makeup on, yet their skin look flawless, poreless, and luminous. It's truly an art.

I mean it's so easy to overdo the makeup and look too cakey and fake. But having the perfect amount such that people can't really tell whether you have makeup on. THAT is an art.

Here are few examples....

It's funny how a lot of guys say that they like girls w/o makeup. But 9 out of 10 cases, they just can't tell that girls have makeup. Now, don't let that be an encouragement or an incentive for putting on makeup. I don't really advocate putting on makeup before college because that's the time to embrace your youth and natural beauty. But again..... nowadays w/ plastic surgery and makeup, what is the true definition of "natural beauty". Oh well.... just as long you are happy and you are true to yourself. =)

I have yet to perfect the skills... But here is my take on it..... Try to be as minimalist as possible.


  1. Hi Echoli, just popped in to your blog, like the finish of this look,great job!!! :D


  2. Thanks for those pictures - helps me to get more inspiration! For natural/minimalistic looks - I always do blush, eye liner, and mascara!

  3. Thanks for the inspiration pictures, your take on it is right on! I agree with not using makeup before college (well I didn't need to until I had dark circles from staying up late)! You have a great outlook on beauty!