Saturday, August 8, 2009

Broke My Promise...... Again

So today I went to Ontario Mills Mall. Anyone went there too? Maybe I saw you there. =)

Long story short. I bought makeup again...... but not a lot. I also bought few pairs of shoes. I promise this is the last haul before I complete my 10 Pan Project. I'll turn into a duck if I don't meet my promise. (why duck, I donnu... haha....) I'm too tired to take pictures and upload them. I'll update tomorrow.

I'm very curious about why everytime I go out, there are always people who look at me when they walk by. It's not like "Look, she's so pretty." or "Her dress/pants/shoes are so pretty." It's a really weird stare, like my mug shot was aired on national TV as the Most Wanted by FBI or something. hahaha... Maybe I'm just thinking too much. Anyways...... My face is almost symmetric now!!!!! And due to unable to masticate and ingest food, my face has become skinnier!!!!!! YAY for unintended diet!!!!


  1. Haha unintended diet LOL!
    And Ontario Mills Malls? It's so weird when different places in the world use the same "names" in different locations LOL. All I think of when I hear Ontario is the Canadian province that I live in.. haha!
    Can't wait to see your post~ better luck next time on beginning your project 10 pan!!!

  2. well, you do have a really weird style. like you aim to be a fashionista, but you pull looks off of racks that are in dollar stores, lol. That's just not gonna work! I know I know, you think I'm a hater, and you disagree that you have to spend a fortune to look fashionable. well, that is what name brands can give you, a look that is special and not easily attainable by the mass population. If you try to do the same with cheapies, that's just going to make you look like a cheapie, and weird, and hence the stares.

    I agree, I don't think they're staring at you bc you're pretty, bc you are not. You're very average looking for asians, you're not ugly, but not pretty enough to have ppl look your way because of it. It also depends if the ppl staring at you are asians or non-asians. you know how the non-asians find the whole tan-skin, slanty eyes and big jaw bones, etc. attractive on asains. You share those features, but as an asian you should know those are not the desirables in asians. I really don't know why I went on a ramble, I guess it's better to hear the truth, then fake sweet nonesenses that so many likes to give. It's also mean of them to not tell you you look bad when you do, and give you these false hopes or expectations of yourself.

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  5. lelly0984:
    for someone who has horrible grammar, you sure have a lot of shit to say about echoli. why don't you keep your opinions to yourself because i'm pretty sure you're not out there spending hard-earned money buying only designer clothes either. and you're wrong. designer brands are expensive because of their quality, not because of the look you get. you can spend a thousand dollars on name brands and still look like a wreck because you don't know how to match the pieces together. a good designer piece is something that you can pair in more than just one way and not with just other designer things. you obviously need to educate yourself before sounding off on someone else.