Thursday, August 6, 2009

When I was a Makeup Beginner

I reminisces the days when I only had 1 brush, 1 foundation powder, and 1 blush. Everything was so simple. But of course, the final result wasn't as memorable. Since I use the same brush for foundation and blush and I don't clean it very often, it's almost like putting blush all over my face. Everytime when I check my makeup in the mirror, I look all right. However, when I do naturally blush, my entire face becomes a glowying orange. Also, once I walk out of my house, I rarely check or do touch-ups on my makeup. So I didn't even know until my classmate asked me, "Jessie, why is your face so red???" I was so embarrassed, and I just quickly told him "Because it's hot in the classroom."

Another embarrassing moment arises when I'm too lazy to double check my makeup before I leave the house. One time, I went to work, and I was just minding my own business. Then one co-worker walks by, and he said "Jessie, you have an eyelash on your cheek." He was pointing on his face to direct me where to find the lash on my face. But it gave me such a hard time that I just realized it was a bristle that had fallen from my sucky brushes. Ugh..... It would otherwise be a very romantic scene if a guy helps to clear off the lash from my cheek. But nope, it's not even a real lash...... and I really have no intention toward my co-worker.... So end of the case.

Have you ever had any embarrasing moments because of makeup? I would love to hear about them. =)


  1. I used to use the wrong shade of under eye concealer. ugh reverse raccoon eyes! It was terrible and showed up very yellow in pictures lol.

  2. LOL I had the same experience when I blush!! My friend, Jared with the best of intentions I'm sure, said to me quietly, ...I think you have too much blush on...

    When I first tried wearing make up I didn't know how to chose the right concealer so I just chose one at random that didn't counteract the darkness under my eyes so I ended up getting more comments from people telling me I should rest more because I looked so tired.. XD