Friday, August 14, 2009

I miss home.........

Since school is starting soon, Diamond and I moved out of my parents' house this past weekend . It's very exhausting and nerve-wrecking, esp when my housemate and her cat are not the most friendly creatures on Earth. My housemate is a neat freak and everything has to be done in her way. She literally instructs me on every little detail in the house. Every single conversation revolves around something I had done "wrong" and needed to be "corrected". And because her cat hisses at Diamond, I can't even let Diamond go into the living room. Home was supposed to be a safe haven, but it's been so stressful dealing with the situation. I feel like I'm a prisoner in my own apartment, considering I've paid the same amount of rent as my her. 3 days down, 362 more days to go...... Fight on!!!!

My parents had to help me to move all my stuff, and just left today. They have been so supportive, tolerating, and providing me love so unconditionally. I have never really lived on my own before....... so I miss them already.....

On a brighter note, I am extremely proud of and impressed by Diamond. She's really shy and very submissive most of the time. However, after we moved in and after my housemate's cat hissed at her, she didn't fear at all and hissed back. I didn't want Diamond to stress (like me), so I always try to keep her away from the bad kitty. Diamond has been eating and using her litter box just like before. However, the same thing cannot be said for the bad kitty because she would hide on top of the kitchen cabinet the entire day. So one time, while I was making myself some lunch, Diamond sneaked out. She rubbed her head against the furnitures (marking her scent), drank out of the bad kitty's water bowl, played w/ the bad kitty's toys, walked around examining the living room, and then gracefully went back to my bedroom. And the bad kitty? She was just staring from the top of the cabinet the entire time. HAH!!!! Seems like Diamond has already won the battle. O btw, the bad kitty hisses at my housemate too. XD

Few days ago, I was clearing up the pictures in my cellphone. I've accumulated a lot of random pictures over the year. Here are some.....

Took this pic at New York & Co, while I still had straight bangs. I was waiting outside for my mom to try on some cloths.

Took this pictures when I was in a Banana Republic store in NYC. I love this blazer, but I'm usually not very good with white cloths. And I couldn't find my size in other colors. It was around $50-60. Kinda expensive for one piece of clothing that I'll probably ruin fairlly quickly. So I didn't buy it. Now to thnk about it, I might have missed a really good deal.

I was having fun in a June store (accessory, cloths, & shoes store). Love that huge purple flower hair clip, but a bit too dramatic for daily use.

I took this picture during work. hehe..... It looks like I'm forcing the kitty. But believe me, no animal was hurt during the process. If anything, I was hurt. Right after I took the picture, the kitty climbed up my neck w/ her little sharp nails sinking into my skin.

A fellow youtuber asked me why I needed to straighten my hair permanently. Obviously, I never fit into the Asian stereotype, and I have very thick, rough, and frizzy hair. It roughly looks like this right after shower. My hair has no shine whatsoever..... The over exposure effect actually already cut down a lot of the volume. Permanent straightening is definitely God-sent invention for me.

Took this picture at Mall of America, Minnesota. They have a miniature amusement park there, and I spotted this super cute Patrick hat. I still watch Spongebob Squarepants sometimes...

Few years ago, I attached a stuffed turtle w/ a small hair clip. I think I was sick or I wasn't feeling well at the time. So I was just sitting in my bed, playing w/ this hair clip. It would be so interesting to put my turtles next to this one. hehe.....

And finallly, I'll leave you a ultimate sweet bomb---the kitty roll!!!!! Isn't she adorable???? You have to hear the background story. So she was a little 7 wks stray kitten. She was covered w/ fleas when we took her in. Since she was too young to get flea medication, I would give her a bath every other day and comb out the fleas for her. In this picture, she was really cold even after I dried her, so I wrapped her in this soft fleece blankie and carried her around. Then she just fell asleep like this....... hehe.......

Oki.... that concludes the random post.... sorry for being non-beauty related.

Still missing home....


  1. I hope life at your apartment becomes more like home. Hopefully, the bad kitty and housemate will become more friendly and relaxed. I remember how tough it was when I first left home. Trust me, it gets much better!

  2. I hope you and your housemate and her cat get along better soon.

    My hair is like that too even though I'm Asian!

  3. I like that this wasn't beauty related! It was really neat to hear you talk about a bunch of different things and see some super cute pictures!

    <3 Stacey

  4. I hope your situation gets better~ I can't even relate seeing that I have never left home >.<.
    Those random photos of you are just too funny and cute n__n.

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  6. I think the kitty roll is really cute!! awww...

    I understand your situation with your housemate. I don't particularly get along with mine and it feels like i'm living with strangers (even though it's been a year!) ...just sharing space (bathroom/kitchen). weird. it just doesn't feel like "home".. can't wait to move out. hope your situation improves n maybe u'll strike a balance with ur housemate =) good luck!

  7. awww she looks soo cute in that roll!

  8. you should do more non beauty related blogs

  9. i know this entry was from a while ago but i hope youre okay now! a lot of roommates/housemates dont get along with each other but i guess its okay as long as they dont steal. how is the situation now?