Sunday, August 9, 2009

Last Haul for a While (Picture Heavy)

So as I mentioned, I went to Ontario Mills Mall yesterday (Ontario as in the one in Orange County, CA =P). There is a Lancome outlet store, which I rarely walks into. However, I always go to the CCO inside of the Off 5th. They always have a lot of great stuff. There are some mineralized eyeshadows, Dame Edna highlighting powder, blushes from Color Forms collection, and some more limited edition stuff. I was only attracted to the pigments, since I didn't have any. They were 13.75 each, and I got two.

The first one is called Blonde's Gold. When I opened the jar on the way home, my heart just skipped a beat......

The pigment only filled 60% of the jar...... I was so heart broken!!! Anyways... it looks quite dark in the jar, but it's a gorgeous pale gold/peach color. Potential use: browbone highlight, inner corner highlight, all over lid color, as well as cheek highlighter color. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!! Hate that I only have so little left!!!

The other one is Cocomotion, it was about 98% full, which made me feel (just a little bit) better. Seems like a quite popular color, and I've always wanted to get my hands on it. Cute name as well. It's like a dirty gold color. Potential uses: all over lid color and all over face bronzer (by adding a little bit to liquid foundation).

Here are some swatches...

w/ flash. Top = Blonde's Gold. Bottom= Cocomotion

w/o flash

Went to Nordstrom Rack and spotted this nail polish. It's Pedal to Metal by Savina, never heard of this brand personally. I'm very into neutral but shiny colors lately. haha.... It's a very pale pink color w/ shimmery/metallic finish. Again, looks quite dark in the bottle, but it's not pigmented at all.

Quick swatch on my nails

I also grabbed a pair of high heels. Probably my first pair in many years. They are by Soft (again, never heard of this brand). $39.99. Not too bad.

They are definitely not the most stylish high heels out there, but they are sooooooooo comfy. So comfy that you are not even aware that you are wearing high heels. Some of you might know that I'm always concerned that I'll appear as a giant in high heels. But my mom told me that I don't look too tall, so I must get them~~~

While I was standing in line, I saw this jewelry hanger/display. There were several different colors, but I liked this copper-ish one the most. I have so many earrings and they are just all tangled in a little drawer. So I just wanted something that makes organization easier, and I would wear them more often. This was $12.99. The downside: you can only hang earrings w/ hooks. Most of my hooked earrings are quite long, thus they don't really fit into the space provided. But it does look quite nice.... I don't know, a keeper or not?

Then I went to another shoe store, there were hardly anything worthy of trying on. My mom was looking for a pair of comfy shoes for my grandma. She too, couldn't find anything. So I was wandering around the discount racks, desperately trying to find something. And I saw this pair of short boot heels by Steve Madden.

I actually saw these at my local TJ Maxx, but they were not my size and also missing the shoelace. As soon as I saw these, I snatched them immediately. Guess what? They were in my size, there are shoelaces, and best of all...... they are only......

$8.99 after the discount!!!!!!!

I was furious!!! I was hugging them in my arms the rest of the time until we went to the register to pay. LOL.

I think that's about all I got.... Oh, I actually bought my mom a pair of Coach sunglasses. Her eyes are really sensitive and strain a lot when she's wearing sucky sunglasses. I shall steal it away and take some pictures later when she comes home. hehe.....

My mom had ran out of her Aveeno Ultra-Calming Foaming Cleanser, which was won Allure's best of beauty award before. She loved that cleanser. I made a special trip to Walmart just to get that cleanser, but they ran out of stock!!!! Curious to find a replacement for her, I saw this new Olay Regenerist facial cleanser. It also has that pump that produces foam. $8.99

I tried it once, and it's so fun to play with. You shake the can, them press on the pump. What comes out is not just foam, but it's mousse. It feels so wonderful and soft on the skin. I think it cleans a little better than the Aveeno one. My mom's verdict so far is that it's not as "good" as Aveeno.... in what ways? I'll have to ask her later.

Last, but not least, I'll leave you a picture of my FOTD. I got this blue dress yesterday also, from Papaya. Imma in love w/ one piece dresses.

Phew.... that was a long post. Thank you for reading~~~~~ I'll talk to you guys next time~~~


  1. nice haul!!! you got such great deals... love your's really fresh and natural :)

    the blue compliments the gold chain really well

  2. what a fun post to read.

    $8.99 for steve maddens are such a steal!
    your legs are so long--i am jealous, grrr :)

  3. AHH..I like those earrings :)


  4. Boy do I love hauls~ I got a little bit of indulgence when I went through it hehe. When I saw the jewellery holder the first thing I thought was that my sister has been looking for something like that! Haha. It really tidies it up right? Plus you can see everything and use each from time to time ^^. Great post Jess n__n

  5. awesome haul =) hey i was wondering if you got the jewelry stand thingy at nordstrom rack or off fifth? because i live near where u shopped and i really want to get the earring rack. =D

  6. thanks for the reply and the advice i will definitely try it out =)

  7. Oh I love that earring rack!! I need one bad!

  8. Wow such a haul :) Yea pigments from Overrich collection were only around 75% full :( I have Blonde's Gold too, that's how I know ;) I love earring rack and black shoes and I might actually get a little jealous of you, after seeing those lovely shoes for such a low price heheh