Sunday, August 9, 2009

"lelly0984 said...

well, you do have a really weird style. like you aim to be a fashionista, but you pull looks off of racks that are in dollar stores, lol. That's just not gonna work! I know I know, you think I'm a hater, and you disagree that you have to spend a fortune to look fashionable. well, that is what name brands can give you, a look that is special and not easily attainable by the mass population. If you try to do the same with cheapies, that's just going to make you look like a cheapie, and weird, and hence the stares.

I agree, I don't think they're staring at you bc you're pretty, bc you are not. You're very average looking for asians, you're not ugly, but not pretty enough to have ppl look your way because of it. It also depends if the ppl staring at you are asians or non-asians. you know how the non-asians find the whole tan-skin, slanty eyes and big jaw bones, etc. attractive on asains. You share those features, but as an asian you should know those are not the desirables in asians. I really don't know why I went on a ramble, I guess it's better to hear the truth, then fake sweet nonesenses that so many likes to give. It's also mean of them to not tell you you look bad when you do, and give you these false hopes or expectations of yourself."

Wow.... Thank you for the truth, over generalization, and...... over analyzation? I never thought about it from that perspective.......

I could well afford any high-end makeup products, but I don't like buying them because 1) You were completely right, I DO believe you can achieve nice end result with low-end products. 2) It's my hard earned money. I have far more important purposes for it. 3) My heart would ache if I slather on a $50 product on my face while millions of starving children in third world countries can easily survive a few more weeks w/ that money.

Sometimes I truly truly admire people who are extremely opinionated and outspoken because I could never be like that. What can I say...... ignorance is bliss.


  1. Yes, there are more important things than to have "designer label" slather all over your face. At the end of the day, you're gonna take all of it off.
    But honestly... I don't know why there are people who just have to be mean/rude... obnoxious. I'm an asian and I think you look perfect the way you are :)

  2. LOL! I didnt know you already posted that comment on another post (this post) XD. Here I was writing a long ass comment on the other one hahahaha! GO JESSIE!!

  3. To Natgn, LOL.... thanks girl for backing me up. But really.... I'm not offended, and no need to waste your precious time responding to that comment. <3

  4. I think you handled this comment very well! Congrats on being very mature and nice! You are right just to just brush this silly person and their ridiculous comments off.

  5. wow...that's really sad, someone who thinks that way. probably very unhappy with everything in the world, trying so hard to fit in with the 'elite' spending every last penny on designer clothes. but it's obvious those kind of things can't buy you a nice personality.

  6. Lelly, just so you know: your truth may well be (and in fact is) my nonsense. Olé!

  7. Sorry for the late comment but....

    I am so NOT an asian but i SO disagree with the persoan that wrote that comment. Who are we, as people, to decide what is beautiful or no?. I don't want to sound like a toady, but Jessie is a very beautiful woman, and not only on the outside (the elegant way she dealt with the comment is amazing). I am a jobless student and i buy cheap makeup and i can recreate looks done with high-end and high-price makeup. Why? Beacuse i wash it out after a few hours. As long as my skin is healthy and i don't damage it in any way, why should i pay 30$ or more to buy ONE eyeshadow/pigment when, with 20$ i can buy the 120 palette that has very pretty colors.

    You Jessie, are a very elegant, pretty and smart girl and i really admire you, ever since i subscribed to your youtube channel.