Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Vanessa Hudgens Inspired Look

So somebody requested me to do this look that Vanessa Hudgens was wearing at the Teen Choice Award this year.

I'm so jealous at her flawless and glowy skin..... Speaking of which, I've been staying home all day these days and I don't need to put on any makeup. My skin seems to be a little healthier and smooth these days, though I still have little breakouts and little bumps. Anyways... I tried my best to replicate this look with very few eyeshadows that I did bring with me. So here is my shot at it....


  1. i always love your inspirations!!! <3

  2. Great model shots! You did a very good job!!

  3. That's a really creepy pic of Vanessa Hudgens but you look good though :D