Friday, August 14, 2009

10 Pan Project Update

First product that I finished.... Maybelline Lipbalm w/ Lemon fragrance. I bought this when I visited China 3 yrs ago, and I doubt that you could find it in the US. It's really moisturizing, and it smells really yummy (I'm very into citrusy stuff). I finally finished it...... I even took out the last bit w/ a cotton swab. =)

My plan is to work mainly on foundation and lipglosses, since I use them almost on a daily basis. Also, I'm going to work on products that I have already hit pan. After digging through all my belongings, I have picked out some potential stuff that I could finish up soon.

Bath & Body Works Pink Grapefruit body cream (bought this ~3yrs ago as well......) I'm very guilty of not finishing up this once beloved lotion.

Everyday Minerals Start to Finish Kaolin Powder in Sunlight (bought this ~ 1yr ago). I really like this powder, and I'm always really tempted to order few backups. Must refrain from temptations!!!

Physician's Formula Talc-Free Mineral Blush in Blushing Glow (bought this ~2yr ago). My HG blush, period. But since I've already hit pan, it'll probably be a lot easier to use it up, right?

Maybelline Pure Makeup Liquid Foundation (bought this ~1.5 yr ago). Medium 3 is a bit too dark for me, and I've been mixing this w/ a lighter shade to match my skin. I only use a tiny tiny dot everytime, so it's gonna take a while.....

Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lipgloss in Bubble It Up (?) (Bought ~3yrs ago). The shade name is already worn away...... Love this lipgloss. Nice color, yummy fragrance, and very long lasting. They even added sucrose for the sweet flavor. (althought I wouldn't recommend anyone to really taste your lip product. )

Maybelline Mineral Power Liquid Foundation. (bought ~1.5 yrs ago). Light 4 is too light for me..... Although you won't be able to see, I think I'm mostly done w/ this tiny bottle.

Rimmel Fix & Perfect Foundation Primer (bought <1 yr ago). I don't really like this primer, and I probably won't be buying it again, but it works all right as a primer. So I shall squeeze out the last drop out my money's worth.

What do you think? Quite feasible, right? I think it'll also help since I won't bring all my makeup with me, just stuff that I will use very frequently. I'll have to tell my mom to take very good care of my makeup products. I miss them already..... =/


  1. Wow Jessie you've had some products for quite a while!! Good thing you joined the 10 pan project, keep up the good work!

  2. seems like ur almost done =) i like project 10 pan it really refrains me from buying loads and loads of makeup. since my collection has gotten way too big for my liking i only let myself buy makeup when i finish the project and even then i give myself a price limit. =) after awhile you save a lotttt of money lol

  3. I love that Pink Grapefruit lotion - I used mine up too :) Love the smell!

    Dang, you really did some damage to the Fix Perfect :p. Good job!

  4. Wow, good luck with your 10 pan project :D I should start one too, I will also use lipbalms, glosses, foundations, body creams (I know I'll cheat because these are the easiest to finish, I can never finish an eye shadow in my life time :P )

  5. wooow...carry on girl :D


  6. I love pink grapefruit from bath and body works. And I'm with you on the rimmel primer, don't like it much either. I was wondering if you have any tips or recommendations for pore minimizing and black/white head removal products.