Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pleasantly Surprised

Remember when few weeks ago, I was complaining about the necklaces I got from ebay and how it broke upon arrival? Since Ebay wouldn't allow me leave a negative rating for Power Seller w/in 7 days of transaction, I messaged the seller and complained about the packaging. And because I only paid like 2 bucks and some change for the necklace, I didn't really care if the seller doesn't respond me or doesn't send me a replacement. But better watch out for my NASTY rating and comment!!!

Few days ago, the seller finally got back to me saying that she was out of town and she will send me a replacement if it's in stock. I thought "Bleh, it'll probably be a false promise that keeps me hopeful for now." So yesterday, when I received a package, I was pleasantly surprised.

The seller placed each necklace in a little pouch, tighted two knots, and then put them in a huge bubble envelope. The shipping alone costed $1.22......

I'm usually not an outspoken and assertive person. But I'm glad that I complained. XD