Sunday, August 2, 2009

Still Hunting for a HG Highlighter

So I ended up returning the MAC MSF in Smooth Merge the other day. ; ( I really wished that I could like it. I really tried to work with it, w/ diff brushes and w/ a light hand. It's still too shimmery for my taste. As a highlighter, the shimmer kinda travels all over my face, the effect is bleh.... As a blush, the shimmer sinks into my pores and acne scars..... not a very pleasant sight. I'd love to keep it, but I could get so many more practical things for $27+taxes..... So I decided to give up on my 2nd MSF (1st one being the Medium Dark/Natural & Shimmer, and I rarely touch the shimmery side).

Some people recommended me to get Porcelain Pink, and I've seriously thought about. But it just doesn't show up on my skin at all..... And I even begin to doubt... do I really need a highlighter, esp I kinda have oily skin?????

On a brighter note, remember I got a Jane mineral blush the other day at walgreens for like $1.39..... The color is in Outspoken Pink. It's a very pale pink color that is mostly matte but has some sheen finish. I would never have bought it at the original price because it's too pale to show up on my olive skin. But since it's on sale, and I would probably never be able to find Jane products again, I just bought it.

It happen to be a pretty decent good highlighter. I just sweep this powder under my eyes and and down along my nose (see below). It provides a subtle brightening/concealing effect. You can also use it to blend out your blush.

Here is my attempt to show how you can use Outspoken Pink to blend out pigmented or over-shimmery blush (but kinda failed).

From left to right: Outspoken Pink + Jane shimmer strip blush in Peony, Peony, Outspoken Pink

I've been grabbing for this blush everyday now. It's not a HG or anything, but for now it mends the hole that Smooth Merge has left, both mentally and economically. =)


  1. Nice review, I have oily skin as well and don't really like anything too shimmery. I've never own any jane products but now I'm thinking of running to the nearest store to snag some before they run out :)

  2. The Jane mineral blush looks very pretty! Great price too, I have and love Jane Blushing Petal and Blushing Babydoll. I also try to stay away from glitter/sparkles because I have oily skin but I always get tempted because everyone raves about highlighters! LOL Sometimes I brush leftover blush all over my face (like in Ricebunny) videos to get an all over glow.

  3. I have the jane shimmering blush in Wisteria and I LOVE it. It isn't sparkly or overpowering. Just right!! I need to go get more. You should try it out before they discontinue it.

    It gives me a perfect glow that actually completes my blush to make it look more natural.