Monday, August 31, 2009

Yet Another Diamond Post

I've been stuck at home most of the time lately... Always in my PJs, no makeup, and messy hair... .haha.... So sorry for being so detached from the beauty world.....

Diamond loves to play with this black/white string... My mom actually got this string for free (it was used to tie some veggies together in Asian supermarket... XD). Simple lesson learned: Happiness can be free!

I bought those catnip-filled rat toys for Diamond before. She showed absolutely no interest. I bought some colorful stringy toys w/ bells from Petco, and Diamond is actually scared of it sometimes. But she never get tired of this free string. And she becomes a little ferocious tiger. Speaking of which, I've got bitten many times already when Diamond is in a bad mood. She never did that before I adopted her!!?!?! Getting a bit more confident (beast-like) now??

Anyways... I like to play with Diamond's fur since she's a domestic long hair. Her black spots can change size depend on which way you brush the hair. hehe.....

Normally, the black spot on her foot looks like this......

But when you brush the hair against the grain, her black spot becomes longer like this....

And lastly, I'll leave you a pic of Diamond stacking up her little paws.....

The End (that was such a boring post.... XD)


  1. oh that last picture is too adorable! :)

  2. Hi,

    I'm a huge fan of your beauty posts and YouTube videos but I'm also a cat lover so I love the Diamond posts! My cat also ignored bought toys and his favourite thing was empty shopping bags and baskets left lying around. If it was big enough for him to get into, he'd get into it!

  3. Haha!!! I love the last pic!!! She looks deep in thought...wonder what she's thinking!!! :D

  4. Hi echoli your cat diamond is so cute i want to get a cat just like her, black and white. by the way i love your post and channel, be nice if you check out my blog i just started it today. :D have a good day