Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fashion is......

I don't know about you guys, but I used to try to follow every fashion trend. Sometimes, even when I know the cloths don't flatter my body, I still wear them. After a while, I realized it's just not realistic to be blindly chasing after every fashion trend. I don't want to feel uncomfortable in cloths when I know I'm not at my best.

I certainly don't have perfect modelesque figure, and I know even with very stringent diet or exercise, genes still override. I don't want to be too critical of myself. I want to be able to enjoy food and enjoy life. I want to be comfortable, happy, and confident. So let it be. So I learnt to embrace my body and be picky about which trends to follow. Then for a while, almost all the clothing pieces I bought were either grey or black. They were too ordinary, unoriginal and ageless. Now that a lot of clothing stores are ubiquitous (ie Forever 21), I'd rather look ordinary than bumping into another dozen of girls who wear the exact same outfits. My mom always tells me how my wardrobe is so boring. I don't really care, because I'm comfortable in my own skin, so it doesn't really matter what I wear.

Anyways..... I really love seeing pictures of street fashion, especially of Japanese and Koreans. I love their individualistic sense of fashion. It's so refreshing, so unique, and even so bizzarre!!! Sometimes, I wonder how these people even came up with the idea. Regardless whether it's wonderful or weird, it's so brilliant the way they put the outfit together. So I guess fashion is what makes you YOU. As long as you are comfortable in it, nobody can have a say about your fashion sense.

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Another Japanese street fashion website that I've been visiting since few years ago is

So what do you guys think? Following the mass trends? Creating your own unique style?

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  1. well i only follow trends that i like and new "fashion" inspires me and may lead me to another item. anyhow, i'm not sure anyone can do that in the states without stares and people stopping in their tracks to look at you. i just people wouldn't be so judge-mental on other people's clothing sense but then again only if they're unique.
    so i guess it is both! jesse, u should def. do more fashion posts!