Monday, August 23, 2010


I was browsing online, and I came across some pretty amazing before and after pictures. It's amazing how makeup, circle lenses, false lashes, and some photoshop editting can transform a girl! Here are some examples.....

And last one.... XD

Pretty impressive, huh?


  1. Make works wonders, doesn't it :)

    My friend sent me this link to this Taiwanese Show; it shows girls before and after makeup, kind of like your post. Really crazy to watch!

  2. Wooooahh...that's creepy! LOL

    I wanna transform too! but I need to get better makeup skills especially on the eyes >_<

  3. The last one is pretty cool. XDD

  4. *Sigh* the power of makeup ^^ I think it all comes down to good skin and circle lens I think ^_^

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