Thursday, August 19, 2010


I'm babysitting my cousin today and tomorrow..... He's 3 and half. So he's like constantly jumping up and down, running around, and laughing loudly. I just can't match up his energy level.... Usually, I would blame my aunt for buying him fast food or allowing him to watch TV. I know how easily kids get addicted to those things. But I was so tired after the first 2 hours, I was just watching Spongebob with him the whole time (since he only sits down when he's watching spongebob, and also because spongebob is one of my favorite cartoon too... XD)

I gotta admit, kids are a lot of work..... I just can't imagine how I have to work a full time job, and still have to take care of my family after work..... My cousin is finally asleep right now, but I have a really bad pounding headache right now. It pounds everytime I tries to get out of my bed. So I probably should sleep early today and get ready for one more day with a 3 yr-old.

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  1. I know what you're talking about..I have a 3-year-old brother and even though i love him, I wish he was more quiet !