Sunday, May 30, 2010

Product Review: Eye Rockz Mineral Eyeshadows

Here are the color swatches......
Top (left to right): Lemonade, Orange Sparks, Sunshine, Pinkalicious, Glamorous
Bottom (left to right): Mysteriously Blue, Green Love, Seductive, Wham!, Nightmare

Natural light

Flash Light

I am wearing Orange sparks on the inner corner, green love on the outer corner, and Sunshine on the lower lashline... They are really pigmented when you apply on top of a base or apply them wet. All the colors have a nice sheen to them, not chunky shimmers or glitters.

You can visit their website at

Enter "ECHOLIROCKZ10" for 10% discount on your entire order....

I am wearing the World Series 3 toned Lens in Grey
You can find them here....

Enter "ECHOLI10" for 10% discount on your entire order.....

And of course it wouldn't be a legit post w/o camera whoring.... ready???

And of course.... can't forget a picture of my cutest little girl Diamond. Muah!