Wednesday, May 26, 2010

NOTD: OPI Do You Lilac it?

Decided to remove China Glaze Peri-Wink-le today since it started chipping..... China Glaze nail polish tend to chip away on the 4th day... and the edges of the nail polish tends to fade off almost on the 3rd day....

This is actually my first time trying OPI nail polishes. I can see where the hype come from. First of all, the formula is smooth, opaque, and easy to apply. The brush is sterdy and relatively thick, which makes the application so so much easier. It only took me two coats to get to the color intensity in the bottle. It dries really fast, and leaves a shiny glossy finish. And above all, it doesn't feel "heavy" on the nails, whereas China Glaze nail polishes often require 3 coats and can feel thick and glued onto the nails.

That being said..... I still don't think OPI should sell their nail polish at $9/bottle....... It's just too expensive for some of us to afford.... especially for people who have nail polish addictions and just want to collect them all.

Anyways... Do you lilac it? is a medium shade of purple color. It's very true to how it appears in the bottle. However, for some reason, I think it's almost more of a red purple than the cool toned purple I like. Maybe it's because of my yellow undertone that makes this nail polish appear more red? I don't know.... still a pretty color though, just too red toned for my taste.

Under the light... (please ignore the nail polish on the cuticles..... I'm still pretty clumsy at applying nail polishes even with a good brush)

W/ flash light...

Cam-whoring.... w/ my manly fingers... (that sounds very weird....)

Okie.... I'm really liking OPI nail polishes right now... hoping to buy more soon... =)

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  1. I love this color! I own it as well!!! Great review :)