Tuesday, May 4, 2010

April Favorites

I have lots and lots of tests and projects due in the next two weeks. And what do I do to destress? Put on makeup and take pictures. haha...... I wasn't bored, I was stressed!!!

And of course what post would it be without a picture of Diamond?

Trying to be all emo.....

Diamond succumbed to my bad breath?

Nah...she's just enjoying me nibbling her ears. =D

No animal was injured while taking these pictures. No, I do not eat cats.

Some people left very rude comments on my youtube channels saying all Chinese eat dogs.... It's quite funny how little people know about other cultures, yet they bash the entire population like there's no tomorrow..... some Chinese may eat dogs, but certainly not all, and definitely not me.

I don't take out astronomical amt of loans to be in vet school so that I can eat my clients' dogs and cats...... Hmm... what a brilliant idea!!!!