Friday, November 20, 2009

Where did October and November go????

Hey guys.... I just want to stop by and say hi! I've been really MIA lately. I'm doing well, just a little beat up by vet school. But I'm still enjoying the process!!! I heard next quarter is going to be a lot worse, so I better kick up my pace.

Diamond has been doing very well too. I have carefully calculated the calories that she needs daily and proposed a diet plan back in september. Since she's relatively older, I don't want her to get diabetes or orthopedic diseases from being overweight. It will take until January to finally reach her ideal weight. But according to my plan, she has actually already lost some weight. I can vaguely see her little waist line now. hehe....
I just can't stop talking about science and medicine right now. This afternoon, while my friend and I were in the anatomy lab. We were both complaining about how our wrists hurt. I was like when I over flex carpal joint, it hurts a lot. And we just couldn't help but laugh at our nerdiness.... LOL......

Anyways... expect to see a few videos from me in the next few days....(maybe a haul video, and a makeup look video?) Then it will be another long gap, since I'll probably try to catch up and start reviewing for finals.
Anyways... I'll see you guys soon. Diamond says hi~~~


  1. aaw I miss having a cat :/

    Good luck for your exams !

  2. What kind of diet plan did you have for Diamond? My cats are always on the heavy side. Got any tips to share? Thanks!