Saturday, October 24, 2009

Halloween Look: Corpse Bride

So our Halloween party is this coming Thursday. My friend and I went to this second hand costume store last week. I found this off white laced chiffon dress. It's a little bit torn around the lacey part. But overall, it looks very pretty and very appropriate to use as the Corpse Bride's wedding dress. It's funny because I've always wanted to see the movie, but never got a chance until I bought the dress. I should have watched it long time ago though.... just for Johnny Depp!!!!!!

So this was my desperate attempt at imitating the Corpse Bride from Tim Burton's movie. Here's the dilemma: if I don't make myself look scary, my whole outfit would just look too bridal-ish (let's be honest, I'll just scare away all the boys); but if I look too scary, I might win the scarest costume, but I don't know if I'll have friends afterwards.

LOL.... that was a little extreme. But I've tried to whiten my face by putting on really light foundation and contour my face with dark blue eyeshadows many many times. Honestly, I thought I looked way more like a real ghost than the animated version of Corpse Bride. Until today, I'm somewhat satisfied with the result. Of course, I'll be wearing my false lashes and spraying on my white hair dye for the actual party. I've never really dressed up as anything, so this is kinda exciting.

Dress $6.50
Fake Flowers $2
Veil (my mom bought it for me at Joanne's, so I don't know the exact price) maybe $5 at most?
Long laced gloves - given to me by my aunt....
Temporary hair dye $2

So I'm going to say this entire outfit costs less than $20!!! Perfect for my tight student budget!

Here are some scary photos.... so beware....


  1. oo great look and that's a super budget!!! the last pic is scary (in a good way)!

  2. Looks very halloween indeed... too bad we don't celebrate that here in Australia hahahaaha... but it looks fun to do