Tuesday, October 6, 2009


So I placed an order on ELF three days ago..... and the order is still being processed!!! I get very inpatient when it comes to getting my package asap.... And guess what, I think two of the items that I ordered are not available..... BOOOOO!!!!!! I have a feeling they are the golden and warm bronzers that I've been craving..... Who doesn't want the nice glow even in the fall and winter?

Oh well..... I shall wait patiently for them to process my order and wait even longer for the slooooow standard shipping. Then I'll find out what exactly is missing from my order. I'm never happy w/ ELF's shipping..... Is it because I used a coupon code, huh? So you are mad at me for not paying the full price, and process my order in the sloooooowest way possible???? You better ship it out to me tomorrow!!!!! Please~~~~???? *insert a cat in the boots face here*

1 comment:

  1. Oh! I hate waiting! Especially if it's something I'm super excited about! I check the mail like crazy! Good luck! Hope it comes soon and that you'll enjoy your purchase!