Saturday, September 19, 2009


School has been really busy lately..... besides classes, studying, cooking and feeding Diamond have taken up most of my time. I already have two tests next week..... crossing my fingers that I will do fine.

Here is a gold/green look that I did today using Loreal HIP Duo Eyeshadow in Flare and a Missha deep green single eyeshadow. I rarely use greens, but I like the result today. I might start to use greens a little bit more often.

Now moving on to my weird dreams last week... maybe I've been really stressed and overwhelmed by school lately.... so the dreams are kind of depressing
So first one, I went to a museum w/ my friends. The museum has many floors, but the staircase is like those spiral staircases. But it's very narrow, so narrow that it could only fit one person at a time, and the hole on the ground where the staircase goes through is like the same size as the hole for the firefighter's pole.
My friends and I decided to go to the basement of the museum. I had such a hard time coming down from the stairs and trying not to fall. That floor had paintings. In one corner, there's a desk covered with white table clothe and there are brochures and some pamphlets. I walked over to take a look, but there were a lot of wires on the ground. I had to make every step very carefully not to trip. Then one of the guys who organized the desk yelled "Don't go there. You won't be able to afford the damages, and I don't want to organize the orientation desk again." I felt so offended. It's sad, but true. haha.......
Second dream was about me going back to China to visit. I was wandering around a place where I used to pass by on the way to school. Then I saw three of my elementary school friends, whose names I could still recall. I ran up to them, and said hi. I intentionally didn't introduce myself because I wanted to test them how fast they could recognize me. So I stood there and grinned. Instead of recognizing me right away, they stared at me for a long time and simply couldn't even tell I was their classmates.
Very depressing right? I think they are full of self-doubt..... But I don't understand where it comes from.... I'm pretty content with my life right now, even though I am poor and I am away from all my friends.

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