Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Getting sick before finals is NOT fun at all....

There were whole bunch of people who got sick in my class.... I was feeling extra proud of myself for not getting sick at this time of the year. Guess what? My nose is congested and my throat kinda hurts--definitely signs of a cold..... I was planning to catch up on school work during the Thanksgiving break. =(

Usually my mom would yell at me for not being able to take a better care of myself. But this year my mom blamed on herself, because she just sent me a package few days ago that contains some DayQuil. And being a little superstitious, she was like "Maybe you wouldn't get sick if I didn't included those medications." LOL..... nah.... this is about time for me to get sick as I have an extremely weak immune system. I'm just crossing my fingers that I will fully recover before next week approaches or else I will definitely suffer. Cold viruses, you guys better behave and get ready to die when my immune system is ready to battle!!!!

As a side note, I was trying on the circle lenses I bought the other day. It took me really long to put even 1 lens in..... and I teared up so much afterward. Haha... at least I'm no longer a lens virgin. Any tips on how to put in the lens more effortlessly? Maybe I'm just not used to it yet.

Anyways.... Everyone please tuck yourself in warm cloths or blankie. Stay safe and healthy during the holidays!!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!! Any thing you guys want to snatch on Black Friday?

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  1. Ahah my mom blames me too when i get a cold, she says that it's because i'm always barely dressed :p (well-dressed for my mom is something that covers you from the neck to the ankles xD)

    I hope this cold will go away soon ^^ take care !