Sunday, November 22, 2009


I was going to do a makeup tutorial on this look.... but I was in a rush to go to our Thanksgiving dinner event. I know some ppl requested it, but I probably won't have much time to show it in a video........ I used MAC pigment in Blonde's Gold on my inner corner and used three shades of purples on my outer corner. And just drew an eyeliner and applied some mascara. Voila!

Please excuse my unruly eyebrows... This is what happens when I have exams one after another.... I've been wearing sweatshirt and jeans or scrubs every single day.... I have my glasses on like 24/7. When I try to keep up with school, I just abandon taking care of my face. The nerdiness definitely overshadows the beauty if there's any..... haha....

I bought this dress from Forever 21 for 7.99!!!!! And I never wore it out. And of course.... this time, I didn't actually wear it out either. I changed to another more warm dress the last minute.... When it comes to coldness, I just chicken away. I really don't want to get sick before finals week.... you know....
Anyways, the dinner turned out to be great!!! Nothing beats a relaxing weekending night with friends, delicious food, and nice music!!!!!

Somebody asked me how I did Diamond's diet plan..... It involves some understanding of animal nutrition and some calculations. Ideally, you should be able to see your kitty's waist line curving inward. You shouldn't be able to see the rib cage, but you should able to feel it. If your kitty is losing that distinct waistline and the fat pad is dangling, your kitty is most likely overweight. You can cut down the food and/or make your kittey exercise a little bit more. It's hard to say how much you might want to cut down because it depends on your cat's current weight and the ideal weight you want to achieve.
Diamond is around 10.5 pounds right now. I think her ideal weight should be around 9.4 lbs (this could be somewhat subjective). I've been feeding her about 200 kcal/day. (I feed her 1/3 cup of dry food and 1/2 of 3.3 oz wet food everyday..... if you really want to know the details... ) It definitely varies among different food brands and manufacturers, so definitely check with the brand you are feeding your cat. So in case you want your cat to be around 9.4 lbs, try feeding it 200kcal/day in conjuction with exercise.
It does take a while to see the results. But remember don't give your cats extra treats (which are usually junk food) and definitely don't give them any table scraps. Cat foods are formulated to meet all the dietary needs specifically for our feline friends. I think putting a cat on diet is the hardest on the owner. Because everytime you look at them, they give you that look @ . @ "I'll behave, please feed me?"
So it's tough love..... be consistent and don't give in to those round shiny eyes.... because nobody want their little furry buddies to get overweight and develop diabetes or bone disease later in life.


  1. I love this look, gold really looks good with purple :p

  2. Pretty!

    And you know what...this is exactly how my eyebrows look at the moment... *shame on us*