Friday, April 23, 2010

Getting busy again...

Hi everyone, after relaxing and doing absolutely nothing for the first two weeks of school, karma has finally come around and is kicking me hard. Have two quizzes and 1 midterm next week... not to mention a final project and a take-home midterm that are due soon. (don't be fooled by "take-home", it usually means harder and more time-consuming)

Anyways... I volunteered at the exotic animal department of our teaching hospital. I had to wake up at 6am every single day, but it's totally worth it. I got to tube feed a tortoise, give subcutaneous fluids and injections to a guinea pig, administer meds and enema to a cockatoo, give subcutaneous fluid to a red tail hawk, and prepare food for a golden eagle!!!!! Jealous? hehehe..... It seems so fun to be able to treat such a large variety of species, but it will take a lot of experience and knowledge to know what are the unique characteristics and needs of each specie.

I also got to gave a horse a injection via IV cather and an intramuscular shot of Pro-Pen-G. Giving the shot alone was scary enough since I had to stand right next to the most powerful part of horse - the hind legs, but I didn't learn until later that giving penicillin G procaine shots can be extremely dangerous. Procain can go into the small capillaries, go back to the heart, and go straight to the brain where it can cause adverse reaction. Horses can act really hysterial for some time, like kicking around and jumping. They get so hyperexcited that they can fall and break their own legs..... so let's try not to imagine what the horse could have done to a human like me. So phew... I'm glad I successfully gave IM shot to a horse for the first time and walked out of that stall safely.

Needless to say, I'm so enjoying vet school right now. There are some classes that are heh... but overall, I'm falling in love with it more and more. I think I found my soul mate. LOL.

Anyways.... I did a 40 beauty question tag today. Feel free to do one yourself and I really want to hear everyone else's answers.

Still really liking the circle lenses I got few weeks ago. The blue is so rich and mysterious.

Alright, that's it for now..... Gotta catch up on school work. =)