Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dresses from Hot Miami Styles

I tend to be a little bit dubious when it comes to ordering clothing online. I'm 5'8". Although my torso is decently slender, I have a big bone structure. So sometimes the shoulder might not fit very well or the sleeves may be too short. As for my legs, there's just no way to order stuff without first trying them on. So I've been browsing cloths and shoes on online stores for a while. I always put stuff in my cart, but never had the gut to actually place an order. Just because in case they didn't fit, sending them back is a big hassle.

Few weeks ago, I was given a chance to try out some cloth pieces from I've heard about their website from other youtube gurus, and I wasn't sure if I could fit into their cloths as well as their models. Choosing the sizes was a bit difficult, since I wasn't sure if I should just get my normal size (medium) or a size up.

In the end, I decided to get all dresses since summer is almost here and I've been drooling to get my hands on some new dresses. These are all in Large, and they were surprisingly comfortable and fitted.

Again, don't let those voluptuous models mislead you that you must have the same body shapes to look good in the shirt/dress/pants. Always order a size up if you are not sure and let your own style shine through. =)


  1. 來問個安,誰不支持這個部落格,我咬他........................................

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