Tuesday, September 28, 2010


My family has donated numerous times to the Salvation Army over the years. I would say probably at least 10 bags (size of huge trash bags) of clothes, bags, belts, etc. I knew they would make good use out of the stuff that we probably would never, but I never knew that they sell the items. Never heard of thrift store until this year. Yes, I know, I'm little narrow visioned.

Recently I've been watching a lot of thrift store hauls on youtube, and I'm truly inspired. So far, I've been to the thrift store three times. I don't know if you guys recall last Halloween, I scored a chiffon material, white laced dress. It was a little teared, but it was absolutely perfect for me because I dressed up as corpse bride. =D

Earlier last month, I got really intrigued by all the videos and I had asked my mom to go with me to a local Salvation Army store. Initially, she was like "But it's stuff other people have worn and don't want anymore...." So I promised her that it could be just a one time interesting adventure. If we can't find anything good, we'll just get out of there as quickly as we can.

But I ended up finding myself one Bebe lavender blazer and Express grey suit/blazer. The Bebe blazer is totally in for that "boyfriend" trend. It's 100% silk, and the color, oh so fine!!! The Express suit fits me sooooo much better than the BCBG suit that I bought for my vet school interviews, which was about $100 even after 40% off. But those blazers were only $7.99 each.

So I think I'm a little addicted now. Not only about finding cheap thrills, but I love how the money goes toward a good cause. Here are some reasons I think everyone should try thrifting at least once....

1. It's fun
I think the essence of shopping is not just to "buy stuff", but it's about finding something that's cute, comfortable, fashionable, sexy, etc... It's only fun because of the process of looking through random stuff and finally coming across an item that screams you. It's like finding treasures, and it feels very rewarding.

2. It's inexpensive
Who can resist cheap thrills??? Do not deny it!

3. It's unique
The reason why I'm a little deterred from shopping at Forever21 now is because it's so ubiquitous. Every girl in the country or in the world have access to the same garment that you like. And I HATE bumping into people who are wearing the same cloths as me or who tell me "Oh, I have that shirt too!" What you find in the thrift store is most likely no longer available in store or vintage. It's one of a kind.

4. It inspires your creativity.
Of course, not everything comes in perfect condition. A button may be missing or you like the pattern of the skirt, but it's not the current trend. You get to use your imagination to convert it to a trendy and wearable garment. It really makes it even more special.

5. It's environmentally friendly.
To me, the most comforting thought is that by shopping at a thrift store, I'm extending the shelf life of the cloths, bags, shoes, or whatever much much longer. Because a simple gesture of buying a used item, I'm fully utilizing something that took human labor, natural resources, and energy to manufacture. It may not make that much of a difference. But by refraining from buying a brand new item, I may have saved another leaf on a tree or a drop of water in the river. It does add up.

6. It's a good cause.
7. There's no sales tax.
8. There are some ridiculous sales sometimes. (50% off sale, student sale, senior sale, buy 5 and get all at $2, 1lb of clothing for $2, etc)
9. It's good to support (non-corporate) local stores.
10. It's good to get out more, and by "get out", I mean non-mall places.

OK, there are more reasons that I just can't think of right now.

Here are some girls on youtube who always find really amazing deals..... I love watching their videos!!!



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  1. I love thriftiness!! You find the most AMAZING things... I'm really not into a lot of today's trends, but I love vintage clothes!!! Its a great use for money, and really I'm not going to spend 50$ or more on a pair of pants!!! That ridiculous! Also there are great antiques in the furniture sections, and a lot of thrift stores are pretty high end... Especially when you live as close to Aspen as I do... lolz